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Mobile Auto Repair and Garage Service: Must-Have Technologies for Mobile Mechanics

While most customers still go to their favorite tire service location for the maintenance or replacement of tires, mobile auto repair and garage services have been growing in popularity in recent years. These mobile services meet customers where they are – at home or at the office for example.

This new service is surely convenient for customers who want to spend less of their time dealing with their vehicles and tires. But it also means that tire technicians need to be able to deliver the same level of service without the help of every tool available to them at the shop. However, technology can bring in alternatives that can replace, if not outperform, existing processes to the benefit of tire retailers and customers.

To understand this better, we’re going to answer the following questions:

  1. What does a mobile auto repair look like?
  2. What services do mobile mechanics offer?
  3. What technological solutions are a must-have for a mobile mechanic?
  4. Which benefits are there to technological enhanced mobile mechanics?
  5. How can Anyline be integrated?


1. What does a mobile auto repair look like?

The automotive industry has seen significant, global growth in recent years. The problem is, this leads to the demand on mechanics for repairs. Waiting for a local mechanic appointment can take a long time. A mobile auto repair solution allows the mechanic to come to the car. The work is the same and the services provided are the same. Many of the tasks that don’t need to be done in a repair shop can be done in this manner.

Setting up a service with a mobile mechanic is as simple as clicking on the provider’s website and setting up a time. There’s no need for a tow truck either, even if your vehicle isn’t moving, since they come to you!

2. What services do mobile mechanics offer?

Mobile mechanics can perform just about any basic service needed for upkeep of the vehicle. This includes rotating or changing the tires, changing the oil, and providing a visual inspection of the vehicle to determine if additional repairs are necessary. These professionals can also use handheld technologies to help them determine what’s wrong with a vehicle.

To complete these tasks efficiently, the mechanic needs to be able to have access to all the available information about the vehicle. This includes things like the vehicle model, the type of tires it is using, identifying information like the license plate, and other data. Normally, they would have to write down this information, but new mobile solutions offer a faster way.

4. Which benefits are there to technological enhanced mobile mechanics?

There are many advantages to this solution over others.

  • Accuracy – Anyline’s OCR technology scans with exceptionally high accuracy. It eliminates the human errors which are inevitable when relying on paper-based data capture or typing.
  • Time Saving – This technology speeds up data capture as it is up to 20 times faster than a human collecting the same information. That can decrease hours employees are working to gather information and complete tasks in the traditional manner of data collection and documentation.
  • Less Stress – Mechanics are under pressure to service more vehicles in less time. Using mobile scanning is far more efficient and less stressful to use over traditional methods. They are able to focus their time and efforts on the vehicle rather than on data collection. Less hassle means more productivity and more satisfied employees.
  • Saving Resources – The time savings from removing manual data entry become resource efficiencies for your business. Those using these tools are more productive and able to keep up with the demands for their time without burnout.
  • Location and Connection Independent – It’s also important to know that Anyline is not connection dependent. That is, it can be used anywhere even offline to capture data no matter the location.

5. How can Anyline be integrated?

Anyline’s data capture technology is easy to integrate into any mechanic shop’s existing system or allows for the download of a mobile app on a smartphone. It can be used on phones or tablets. By integrating Anyline’s OCR technology, mechanic shops guarantee a fast and easy use for their mobile mechanics because they already know how to use their phone.

Anyline’s TIN scanning, VIN scanning and license plates scanning SDK can be quickly and easily integrated into a mobile app or website with only a few lines of code. This allows for processing of data quickly and organizations can start using these tools within a few hours.

Anyline’s SDK is easy to integrate and use. There’s also help available when needed. Use it on any Android or iOS smartphone with integration frameworks including Xamarin, React Native and Cordova.

You can find out if tire scanning is the right solution for you by downloading our Mobile Data Capture Demo App to test its capabilities.