Petra Preining Named as Anyline’s First Chairperson
of the Board

Jonathan Stotts

Senior PR & Communications Manager

Aug 08, 2023



VIENNA, August 8, 2023 Anyline, a global leader in mobile data capture and data insights, appointed Petra Preining as its first chairperson of the board.  Petra Preining will lead the board and ensure as an independent chairperson that Anyline pursues and builds on its strong, future-proof strategy to continue to grow the company.

“Anyline is at an exciting stage in its development with an established customer-base and singular focus providing value to automotive aftermarket businesses,” says Petra Preining, chairperson at Anyline.  “I am honored to lead the board of such an innovative Austrian technology company that is making a global impact with its mobile data capture and insights solutions.”

Petra Preining is a seasoned finance executive with more than 24 years of experience, including positions on the executive boards of AT&S and Semperit AG, as well as the supervisory board of Frequentis AG.  She currently serves as the CFO at AT&S, a listed global manufacturer of high-end printed circuit boards and IC substrates from Austria.  Petra Preining has a master’s degree in business administration from the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

“We were resolute in our two-year search for a chairperson with the right background and fit for our company,” says Lukas Kinigadner, CEO and founder of Anyline.  “Petra has an astute business mind and great understanding of markets and organizational operations.  I’m happy to say the decision was approved by 100% of our shareholders.”

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About Anyline

Founded in Vienna in 2013, Anyline has established itself as a global leader in mobile data capture and data insights. Using the latest, newest, and most innovative artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches, Anyline gives businesses the power to read, measure, interpret, and process visual information with any mobile device. Anyline’s AI-enabled, machine learning technology seamlessly connects the physical with the digital world, capturing critical data in real time. This enables Anyline customers to unlock a wealth of instantaneous insights, embrace datafication, and use data to drive critical business decisions.

Anyline is trusted by household brands such as PepsiCo, Discount Tire and IBM, as well as national governments and the United Nations. For more information, visit