Utility providers can empower customers with self meter reading technology

Utility providers can empower their customers with smartphone self meter reading

Ebin Thomas

Ebin Thomas

Account Executive at Anyline

Oct 18, 2022

Customers prefer to have a say when it comes to the energy providers they choose to work with. Now more than ever, that decision is truly based on the service – and how much control they have over it – above other factors.

Customers are looking for solutions that are focused on their experience as users – one that integrates them deeper and more intimately into the energy supplier process. Read on to find out how technology, and in particular smartphone meter reading solutions, empower customers by going a long way towards precisely that.


Customers lack control on current utility processes

In countries or areas where customers aren’t already equipped with smart meters yet, the billing process is woefully inadequate in a number of ways. For starters, it relies heavily on the manual reading of meters. It also requires the manual entry of the value read into a billing system. Both of these two things are inherently error-prone processes. Not only does this “old school” way of doing things take time, but it also doesn’t allow utility companies to provide the customers the information they want in real-time.

A solution exists to involve customers more and reduce the meter reading burden of utility workers, is to allow the customer to send their own meter readings directly to their providers. But this too introduces a few challenges:

  • Far too often, customers need to send meter results by phone or through a cumbersome online portal.
  • Utility companies still need to verify those readings in some way to make sure that they’re working from accurate information.

Again, this is equal parts resource and time-consuming. It also doesn’t help at all in terms of building a strong relationship with customers.

Self meter reading empowers your customers right away

Anyline’s mobile utility meter reading technology can be effortlessly integrated into your provider’s existing mobile app thanks to its software development kit (SDK), or in any system you plan on implementing in the future. This unlocks the fast and secure transmission of meter reading data from customers to their providers.

Not only is it easy to integrate, but it is also backed by hands-on support from customer service teams that are ready and willing to help. The solution works with both Android and iOS smartphones and offers support for common integration frameworks that include popular options like Xamarin, React Native, Flutter and Cordova. It can also be easily integrated into websites or web portals as Anyline’s technology supports JavaScript, too.

If you are interested in empowering your customers with self meter reading, you can try out Anyline’s mobile data capture technology or contact us today!