Warehouse Management Automation

Enhance Enterprise Asset Management with Modern Tracking Solutions

Enterprise asset management has taken several massive leaps forward in terms of accuracy and efficiency in recent years. Much of this is due to the incorporating of mobile technology into the asset management process through modern tracking solutions like barcodes and RFID tags.

Learn about these paradigm-shifting innovations, and how introducing them can enhance traceability throughout your processes.

How to Choose the Right Asset Tracking Solution

When it comes to selecting the right tracking solution to complement your EAM, consider what devices your workforce will be using, and how they are used to transfer data into your central system. Choosing a versatile SDK which is device agnostic will significantly reduce integration time and enable staff to use different models and makes of device, whether on tablets, ruggedized devices or smartphones.

Finally, if your staff operate in environments with challenging conditions, such as low lighting or locations without an internet connection, find a solution with both robust scanning that works in both high and low contrast, as well as offline functionality, so they can track assets anywhere in your facility.

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