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Finding the Perfect Fleet Management Strategy for Monitoring, Mileage Claims, and Vehicle Maintenance

Christian Dale

Christian Dale

Product Marketing Manager at Anyline

Apr 11, 2023

Fleet managers have numerous tasks to manage throughout the day. By doing so, the fleet remains operational and working at its best possible level. Yet, fleet management doesn’t have to be as challenging when applicable technological solutions can be applied that could make your job easier.

The Complicated, Time Consuming Tasks

Many of today’s fleet managers have a long list of tasks they must complete throughout the day. Even the most efficient professionals may find it too hard to get through everything on that list with the same level of focus and clarity they want to put into it.

Working as a fleet manager does not only mean spending time organizing your fleet itself. Rather, a fleet manager’s job often involves far more complex tasks, including analysis, budgeting, reporting, supervising, and negotiating. The tasks you do are likely to differ from one industry to the next, but some of the most common, labor-intensive, and yet necessary tasks include:

  • Ensuring that a fleet of vehicles is operating in accordance with legislation and regulations
  • Assisting with the draft and implementation of effective policies and processes regarding fleet operations.
  • Managing strict vehicle and tire maintenance and servicing schedules to minimize downtime
  • Monitoring Driver behavior and taking disciplinary action where necessary
  • Maintaining accurate and detailed records of vehicle inspections and services
  • Monitoring fleet costs and ensuring that they remain within budget
  • Finding the Right Strategy

Investing in developing and implementing a well-rounded, comprehensive, and well-thought-out strategy allows fleet managers to achieve better results. This is the only way to guarantee a small-working fleet.

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You can make technology the center of your fleet management strategy. With a wide range of tools available to you, it is possible to create a cohesive plan for the future that effectively empowers you to manage your fleet.

Technologies like tire scanners and tire tread scanners can help you streamline maintenance. A VIN scanner and license plate scanner help monitor vehicles and mileage claims. Here’s how that can help you:

  • Tire Tread Scanner:
    Download a tire tread scanner to integrate into an app or website. This allows drivers to scan their tire tread using their smartphone or another smart device. This allows you to be proactive in monitoring the tire’s health, one of the most critical components to keeping drivers and others safe on the road.
  • Tire Scanner
    A tire scanner can also be downloaded and implemented into an app or website as well. This allows your drivers to scan tire information when they need to update or replace tires. This ensures that the tires are selected properly to ensure your drivers are safe.
  • VIN Scanner
    Utilize a VIN scanner, which works pretty much like the tire scanner. The difference here is that it offers more insight into the car, which again helps with monitoring and watching mileage claims.
  • License Plate Scanner
    A license plate scanner works best in combination with a VIN scanner and helps you monitor your fleet. It can easily gather information about your vehicles as they come and go as a component of the workday.