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Next day and Same day delivery technologies: the power of OCR and barcode scanning solutions

E-commerce businesses have had a tough go for the past few years as they try to compete with giants like Amazon. This has influenced several significant changes that are sweeping across the industry. A recent report brought this to light, finding that 99% of retailers have plans to implement same-day delivery programs by 2025.

These exciting initiatives like same-day delivery do come with some challenges though. If e-commerce retailers are going to be able to bring themselves even close to the same playing field as Amazon and others, they are going to need some serious tech.

Fortunately, new and fairly affordable technologies like OCR and barcode scanning are providing solutions for some of the most difficult challenges. One such example is implementing an ePOD software system. However, two other special technologies are must-haves for any delivery or e-commerce company that wants to run with the big dogs and offer same day and next day delivery.

Optical character recognition (OCR)

In retail, especially when it comes to the unique tasks that e-commerce requires, many different data sources must be recorded so that the correct product gets to the correct address and is placed in the correct hands. Mobile workers need to have the ability to scan key data so they can verify and authorize a customer’s information.

Sometimes they need to scan a driver’s license or passport, among other forms of identification – like for delivering alcohol or other restricted items. In such cases, the smart device used must have the capability to scan various forms of ID as well as IDs from different nationalities.

This makes OCR technology like Anyline’s mobile scanning extremely valuable for e-commerce companies that want to lead the pack. It provides fast, secure, and accurate data collection that works seamlessly with the electronic proof of delivery software. What’s more, it also works well with many different types of identification.

Anyline’s SDK for ID scanning collects data by extracting key information from ID cards, visas, and passports. It works with both two-line standards like TD-3 and TD-2, and three-line standards like TD-1, MRV-A, and MRV-B. The Universal scan mode supports US, European, and Australian driver’s licenses, European ID cards, PDF417 documents, and MRZ documents.

What are the benefits of using OCR and barcode scanning solutions?

The benefits of using OCR and barcode scanning solutions extend far beyond simply collecting data.


Anyline’s OCR technology has a 99% accuracy that is guaranteed. What does this mean for you? It means that it is almost impossible for any delivery person using our OCR tech to make a mistake at any point of the process from scanning barcodes to scanning IDs/


Easy, accurate data scanning means fast and easy processing from warehouse to delivery. Our tech will speed up your ID verifying and documenting processes. Did you know that it scans data 20 times faster than a human can collect and process it? This means a significant decrease in hours worked which means more efficient operations.

Less stress

When you stack all the benefits together you get a much less stressful process. Your delivery people will be more relaxed. When you give them the outstanding efficiency of Anyline’s OCR scanning, you empower them to make accurate deliveries fast. They can focus on the job at hand and move quickly to the next delivery. This has the added perk of increasing employee retention as well.

Saving resources

With a faster and more accurate data capture process, more deliveries can be made.

As Anyline’s scanning solution works on any camera-enabled smartphone, it’s also possible to implement a BYOD policy and save on the investment of dedicated devices.

What’s more, it also is great for decreasing employee burnout and increasing employee morale which means a much lower employee turnover. And that means that our OCR scanning tech helps to save your most valuable resources – your employees.

How can Anyline be integrated?

You can use Anyline with just about any smartphone that runs iOS, UWP, or Android. The scanning itself uses a standard mobile device that won’t cost you a bundle and your mobile workers likely already know how to use it. It supports most common frameworks such as Cordova, React Native, and Xamarin, making it compatible with most mobile devices.

You can make Anyline’s OCR technology and our barcode scanning tech work for your company by simply integrating our SDK into the software system that you already have. It is easy to integrate and use, plus it is backed by our customer service team which is ready to provide you with hands-on support.

Test Anyline’s OCR scanning and barcode scanning technology for yourself with our demo app or talk to one of our reps and get our 30-day free trial to see how our SDK can work for your organization.