Computer Vision and AI for Vehicle Maintenance

Christian Dale

Christian Dale

Product Marketing Manager at Anyline

Dec 21, 2023

Vehicle maintenance is critical in the prolonging of a car, truck, or other vehicle’s value, safety, and overall function. It is also one of the tasks people don’t always put enough time into. AI and computer vision are aiming to change that. 

A growing component of automotive technology, computer vision aids in improving efficiency, accuracy, and safety from a vehicle maintenance standpoint. This cutting-edge technology uses the most advanced image analysis tools and recognition algorithms to transform the way vehicles are inspected and managed from a preventative maintenance format. 

Consider some of the applications in which computer vision is being used for in-vehicle maintenance to see the breadth of its use alongside AI. 

Diagnostic Assistance 

These digital tools can also support the needs of mechanics by providing visual diagnostic information. This can help analyze the engine components or identify when parts are ill-fitting or inappropriate. This can speed up the productivity of maintenance tasks as a result. 

Fluid Level Monitoring 

Computer vision can be used to monitor fluid levels in various parts of the vehicle, such as engine oil, coolant, or brake fluid. This ensures that fluid levels are within the optimal range for proper vehicle operation.