Automotive Technician Shortage: A Workaround Using AI

Christian Stadlmann

Christian Stadlmann

CRO at Anyline

Sep 29, 2023

Throughout the automotive industry, one factor remains consistent. There is a labor shortage, with just too few people to meet the needs of companies. Artificial intelligence (AI) could be a supportive resource to make it far easier for companies to meet their needs. 

The New Reality 

Due to this ongoing worker shortage, it has become more evident than ever that automotive service centers need to make some adjustments in the coming years. This is not a cycle that will change – employment in the industry is not projected to improve. Rather, companies will need to find new ways to get work done, and that often means making the move to automation and technology. 

Companies must work to identify core business tasks that they must do, remove those tasks that are no longer necessary or contributing to efficiency, and work to automate whatever they can. 

Digitalizing Customer Check-in and Check-Out Processes 

There are numerous strategies for improving efficiencies within most companies, and this is one of them. Here, technicians available are trained to work on vehicles, and that means they need to focus that time on the skills they have and spend less time collecting vehicle information and cross-referencing multiple references for parts across disparate databases. 

By using technology, many of these tasks are automated, and that means the productivity of technicians can improve significantly. This allows the same number of technicians to tackle more cars. 

You can set up online appointment platforms that allow the customer to do all the work in the process, such as registering their vehicle information before making an appointment. That saves the technicians valuable time during the process.