Zoomers won’t give failed deliveries a second chance

Last mile delivery has seen an important growth since the beginning of the pandemic, with more customers relying on parcel delivery services for goods they would previously buy in stores. But if the number of deliveries have increased, delivery companies might have struggled to adapt to the demand. Customers, however, might not be aware of this gap between supply and demand and expect the best quality of service

To know more about customers’ satisfaction and expectations towards delivery, we conducted a consumer-focused research of the US last mile market. One thing that we found out was that shoppers, and especially younger generations such as zoomers, won’t give another chance to companies that failed them

This article is an extract from Last Mile Delivery: Customer Perception Report 2022. You can learn more about customers’ expectations for last mile delivery by reading the full report, which you can download for free.

What are the top 3 frustrations of last mile delivery?

The truth is – it’s never possible to get it right every time, and sometimes mistakes will be inevitable. But in our recent ebook, we found that the biggest bugbears for customers awaiting their orders is a lack of visibility, control and accountability. 

Customers don’t know how hard it is to create a seamless delivery experience. Expectations are high, which makes any deviation from those expectations harder to manage for retailers. Technology can help find the cheapest cost-to-deliver for retailers but having that order ready and waiting is crucial for a seamless handoff.”Jennifer Bartashus, Senior Analyst, Bloomberg Intelligence

So what are the best ways to keep customer loyalties from being lost? Well, one key thing for last mile delivery companies to do to keep customers happy is to consistently deliver on time. But there are other aspects, including technological innovations, that might play a role here. 

If you want to find out more about it, you can download and read Last Mile Delivery: Customer Perception Report 2022 for free

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