How can Grocers Boost Consumer Confidence?

Karen Savage

Karen Savage

Head of Sales at Anyline

Apr 20, 2021

The grocery industry has changed fundamentally over the past year. According to Deloitte, “new shopping patterns, with higher reliance on online and delivery options, have become commonplace.” With new consumer habits expected to stick, grocers must meet changing demand, all while being careful to protect customer trust and loyalty.

Through the pandemic, home delivery and curbside pickup are two offerings that are becoming commonplace. As they do, consumers are becoming more impatient with wrong items being added to orders, or even worse, expired items being included. Optimizing the order picking process to ensure only the freshest items are included is one simple step grocers can take to boost consumer confidence.

Meet consumers where they are

Ultimately, new retail habits like curbside pickup make consumers’ lives easier and truly improve people’s lives. The grocers who meet consumers where they are and deliver great experiences will be those that build long-term trust and loyalty. By improving internal processes like order picking leveraging simple tools like barcode scanning, grocers can find success for years to come.

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