Functionality of the Leading AI Technologies in E-Commerce

Christian Stadlmann

Christian Stadlmann

CRO at Anyline

May 15, 2023

Understanding the technological workings of scanning technology can help to demonstrate its value. It can also show just how much the ecommerce automotive world is changing. This is done through mobile data capture and Optical Character Recognition or OCR.

This is the process that allows for the mechanical or electronic conversion of scanned images into machine-encoded text. In short, it turns analog data into a digital format that can be used in various ways.

At Anyline, we offer numerous tools that utilize mobile data capture and OCR technology to provide the automotive industry with the tools and resources it needs to operate in the most efficient way possible. Here is a look at some of those.

License Plate Scanning

Available in the US, European, and African regions, license plate scanning uses just a standard mobile device to capture important data. Anyline’s system provides a better way to get quality and accuracy for workers who are on the go. It allows for easy recognition of license plates in the US and EU countries, which is fast and highly accurate. That helps to eliminate the risk of human error.

The system allows for all scanned data to be processed and stored offline. This ensures that all data remains secure and is not accessible by third-party cloud servers. It is possible to complete this process using any type of scenario, even if the license plate is dirty or partially obscured.

Tire Tread Scanner

The tire tread scanner uses AI and computer vision to create an image of the tire tread grooves that can then be used to analyze the condition of the tire, helping to determine if it is time to replace them or if they need replacement in the future. This is done using any mobile device without any specialized hardware or equipment.

It allows automotive companies to easily blend this information into their existing workflow without any complicated process of gathering data or training teams. The process is simple – swipe the device over the tire, get results in seconds, and then save that information in a file.

Integration here is done through API that combines artificial intelligence and computer vision. The process requires no training and no purchase of more expensive equipment for use later on.