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Beyond OCR: Our New Best-in-Class Barcode Scanner

As part of our Anyline 25 launch, we are also excited to announce our new next-generation barcode scanner with an extensive library of over 40 barcode symbologies. With this new development, we have brought our barcode scanning capabilities on par with our industry-leading OCR solutions. For our customer base, this means we will now be offering an unrivaled data capture combination on a single SDK.

Why is Anyline Focusing on Barcodes?

In recent years, we have been developing cutting edge solutions to capture data where it was previously impossible: from car tire identification numbers to container numbers. We’ve also been researching the most innovative new ways to create the data capture technology of the future, such as with our Trainer, and our recent AI research partnership with the Johannes Kepler University.

By contrast, barcodes have been around for decades, so it’s reasonable to ask why we have decided to turn our focus to an older technology now? 

The answer is that barcodes are an evergreen technology, with uses across almost every industry and business function. Whether you work in retail, logistics or healthcare to name only a few, barcodes are ubiquitous. Of course, barcodes have their limitations as well. There are many places where they cannot be used such as for many manufacturing processes. But when used in combination with OCR, companies will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds.

How can I try out the new barcode scanner?

If you want to test the capabilities of our new barcode scanner, it’s easy to get started. Simply download our demo app and start scanning! For further information on integrating a combination of Anyline solutions into your app or website, get in touch with us today.

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