AI is Transforming Fleet Operations on Multiple Levels

Jonathan Stotts

Senior PR & Communications Manager

Feb 21, 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is moving into all areas of fleet operation at a fantastic rate, and with that comes good outcomes for companies able and willing to embrace it. In a recent interview with Amir Sayegh, a day product discovery professional at Geotab, we discuss how AI is transforming fleet operations. It’s fascinating information that any fleet manager needs to consider. 

Amir says the second component is a paradigm shift, noting “Generative AI and its ability to democratize access to your data…” What it means is that AI is not simply a chatbot. He shares, “It is able to reason, look at data and also make assurances and come back and look for anomaly detection.” 

What is leading the push, and why is this shift taking place in fleet management? The answer is more complex, but Amir makes it easy. “I think over the years maturity is going up in the industry as a result of competition and companies like GeoTab pushing for what we call our data intelligence and actionable insights and all that. So we’re starting to see that demand shift towards like: I need that data in order to better run my fleet so that we’re seeing both the environmental factors and the intrinsic factors as well.”