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Mobile OCR technology reads codes, numbers and text. Anyline uses mobile OCR to scan IDs and license plates with +99% accuracy. You can use it to scan personal documents, visas, or passport MRZs in an instant. It just needs to be integrated in your mobile app.

Anyline’s scanning capabilities mean you can document government processes with a higher accuracy than any clerk or administrator. It never gets tired, distracted or stressed, which can lead to typing or data entry mistakes. Your workforce can use this accuracy to make government processes faster and easier to engage with.

This makes it one of the most valuable tools available to governments today.

License Plates
Identity Cards
Personal Documents

Business Benefits

Mobile scanning enhances and optimizes government processes like never before. Once you add it to your app, your workforce can operate with a new level of agility and provide on-the-spot assistance and services to your residents and visitors. Mobile document and ID scanning make it easier than ever before to register with government services.

Mobile passport scanning also lets your border control agents and local authorities perform security checks wherever they need. And license plate scanning can significantly reduce the time spent on manual data entry for your police force and traffic wardens.

Tech Benefits

You can use mobile scanning to remove typing and manual data entry from your processes. This increases the accuracy and quality of your data. Improved data reduces error rates in your processes, saving you time and money. On top of that, Anyline works in an instant, meaning you can assess data in real-time.

And best of all, mobile scanning with Anyline is secure. All scan data is processed on device before being securely uploaded to your backend. You can take advantage of this edge computing power to perform scans without an internet connection. Bring reliable and accurate mobile scanning with you wherever you go.

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Anyline is trusted by governments around the world. They chose Anyline to empower their workforce and modernize their processes. We work with government agencies to help them with passport scanning at border control points, making it easier to accurately identify travellers. In addition, we help local authorities with license plate scanning to streamline parking controls in their communities.

Private companies such as Global Blue, Swisscom and Porsche have all benefited from similar services. No enterprise is too big or too small to benefit from mobile OCR. Learn more by reading one of our many success stories.


Use Cases

Parking control

Anyline scans license plates in an instant, even without an internet connection. You can use it to eliminate manual data collection and reporting from the parking control process. This reduces the amount of time spent on administrative tasks and creates more time to focus on parking control.

Document Management

Keep a perfect record of your documents with Anyline’s document scanning feature. It’s highly accurate and creates instant scans so you never need to type again. Scan your documents and immediately upload them to your database with ease to optimize your document management processes.

Border control

Scan IDs and Passport MRZs 20x faster than manual data collection and entry with Anyline. Its secure scanning can reduce waiting times and optimize data collection at your border control. Plus, decreased waiting times ensures higher traveler satisfaction levels and compliance.


You can try Anyline for yourself, with no registration required. Download our app from the App Store or Google Play and start scanning license plates, passports and more. You can get free sample material for scan testing here.

Once installed, open the Anyline Mobile OCR Demo app and point it at your scan target. A scan will automatically be performed and saved on your device. Haptic feedback will guide you to a successful scan by warning you if your device is shaking too much or needs more light. Anyline can also scan in the dark thanks to automatic torch activation.

You can also test out Anyline’s offline scanning capabilities and see how well it works at scanning a range of meters. It scans everything from IDs to serial numbers and digital smart meters.

Get the app now and realize the power of mobile OCR today!