How BAL Enhanced Client Registration with Mobile Scanning

How BAL Enhanced Client Registration with Mobile Scanning

One of the world’s leading immigration law firms, BAL, focuses on meeting the mobility and immigration challenges of their corporate clients by leveraging technology to make immigration more strategic and clients more successful.

The Vision

To effectively process cases, BAL needs to register each prospective traveler’s passport. Although clients can type their passport information into BAL’s proprietary online case management system, manual entry can easily lead to errors from typing mistakes, especially for longer series of numbers.

Visa applications require the highest degree of accuracy. One incorrect digit entered on the application could cause critical delays or denial of the visa. To reduce this risk, BAL decided to offer passport scanning so their clients can quickly and accurately upload their passport information into Cobalt®, BAL’s case management software, and the industry’s first mobile app.

The Solution

Using Anyline’s mobile passport scanning solution, BAL clients can now upload their passport information in seconds using their own smartphones. By simply scanning the MRZ (machine readable zone) at the bottom of their document, clients instantly collect the necessary information without any errors.

This data is transferred seamlessly, securely, and automatically to BAL’s case management system, simplifying the process considerably.

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Fast & Secure Mobile Scanning of Passports

Compared to typing in the same data, Anyline MRZ & passport scanning is significantly faster, saving clients time and stress.

When it comes to handling sensitive information such as passports, businesses must also ensure data is handled and transferred securely. Since Anyline processes all data directly on-device, it cannot be intercepted by third parties, giving users security and peace of mind – another reason our tech is trusted by police forces and governments around the world.


“Using Anyline scanning is faster for the user and improves accuracy for critical information. Having the technology to bring passport information into our system automatically creates a great user experience, while also improving data integrity.”

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