Full List of Supported IDs & Countries for Universal ID Scanning

Take a closer look at the continually growing list of identity documents that you are able to scan with Anyline universal ID scanning.

With each passing month, we are actively adding more ID documents to our scanning library. If you do not see the country or region you are in need of in the list of supported ID types, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will make sure that you get your ID scanning solution ready as soon as possible.


  • Austria (Identity Card & Drivers License)
  • Belgium (Drivers License)
  • Bulgaria (Identity Card & Drivers License)
  • Croatia (Identity Card & Drivers License)
  • Czech Republic (Identity Card & Drivers License)
  • Germany (Identity Card & Drivers License)
  • Denmark (Drivers License)
  • Estonia (Identity Card & Drivers License)
  • Finland (Identity Card & Drivers License)
  • France (Drivers License)
  • United Kingdom (Drivers License)
  • Hungary (Drivers License)
  • Ireland (Identity Card & Drivers License)
  • Italy (Drivers License)
  • Latvia (Identity Card & Drivers License)
  • Lithuania (Identity Card & Drivers License)
  • Luxembourg (Identity Card & Drivers License)
  • Malta (Drivers License)
  • Netherlands (Drivers License)
  • Norway (Drivers License)
  • Poland (Drivers License)
  • Portugal (Identity Card & Drivers License)
  • Romania (Drivers License)
  • Slovakia (Identity Card & Drivers License)
  • Slovenia (Identity Card & Drivers License)
  • Spain (Identity Card & Drivers License)
  • Sweden (Drivers License)
  • Switzerland (Identity Card & Drivers License)

United States of America

  • Arizona (Drivers License)
  • California (Drivers License)
  • Illinois (Drivers License)
  • Texas (Drivers License)
  • Florida (Drivers License)
  • New York (Drivers License)
  • Pennsylvania (Drivers License)
  • Ohio (Drivers License)
  • New Jersey (Drivers License)
  • Massachusetts (Drivers License)
  • North Carolina (Drivers License)
  • Connecticut (Drivers License)
  • Rhode Island (Drivers License)
  • Michigan (Drivers License)

Australia & New Zealand

  • New South Wales (Drivers License)
  • Queensland (Drivers License)
  • South Australia (Drivers License)
  • Victoria (Drivers License)
  • Western Australia (Identity Card & Drivers License)
  • **Tasmania Australia (Identity Card & Drivers License)
  • Northern Territory (Identity Card)
  • Capital Territory (Identity Card)
  • **New Zealand (Identity Card)

Simple, Swift & Secure Universal ID Scanning

Digitize the ID data you need with Anyline mobile data capture for ID scanning. Scan and process identity documents & passports from around the world accurately and fast – with any mobile device.

Anyline ID scanning works offline, in all conditions and our mobile SDK can be integrated into your app or website with ease. Try our demo app to see mobile scanning in action or get in contact to learn more about our versatile data capture solution.

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