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Use Cases


Anyline lets your customers take their own meter readings. It can read all kinds of utility meters, even in low light or without an internet connection. This will reduce your reading costs and give you more accurate readings while customers become more engaged with the reading process.


Your workforce can use Anyline to optimize their processes. It takes faster readings than manual data entry and maintains a perfect record of its readings. It works on almost any mobile device, removing the need for training on specialized readers or embedded devices.

Change Management

Switching from analog to digital meters? Anyline is the perfect tool for handling the change over. You can use it to log the ownership and location of all your meters before and after the switch. This will ensure a smooth transition that will be recorded perfectly thanks to Anyline’s highly accurate scanning.

Success Stories

Edison Success Story

As part of a progressive digital transformation program Edison released its new smart home app My Edison in April 2017. Among others, customers are now able to transmit their meter reading gas level directly by using Anyline’s OCR technology. A practical solution for customers and definitely an add-up for the new My Edison app.

Energy App Provider

energy|app provider gives users tips and updates to help reduce energy consumption. They integrated Anyline to let users scan their electricity meters and measure the impact of the advice they shared.

Symvaro Waterloo Meter Reading

Symvaro integrated Anyline to let users monitor their water consumption. Mobile OCR lets users avoid typing mistakes and upload usable, digitized data to the Symvaro Waterloo Management Centre