Northumbrian Water Introduces Customer Self-Reading for Water Meters

Northumbrian Water Introduces Customer Self-Reading for Water Meters

Northumbrian Water is a UK water company providing mains water and sewerage services to over 2.7 million customers across the North East of England, as well as supplying water in parts of the South East of England, where it operates as Essex & Suffolk Water.

As the principal water supplier in the North East of England, Essex and Suffolk, Northumbrian Water has decided to significantly upgrade its customer experience by integrating Anyline technology into its customer application. Find out more below!

The Vision

Riding the global wave of ever-greater digitization amongst utility companies, Northumbrian Water decided to introduce self-reading for water meters into its customer-facing application.

Enabling its customers to scan their own meter readings quickly and accurately would not only streamline and improve customer experience, but also allows for more accurate readings. This enables its customers to manage their water consumption more efficiently – saving them money, time and effort compared to traditional data-gathering methods.

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The Anyline Solution

Customers of Northumbrian Water receive an email notification when the time comes to provide their meter reading. With the company app downloaded onto their smartphone or tablet, they can simply point their device at their water meter and perform the reading using their device camera quickly and easily.

The process takes but a few seconds, and the results are updated automatically on the customer’s account! As an added benefit, the application allows users to track their water consumption much more accurately across time – further empowering them, and making for a more rewarding user experience.

“We’re delighted with how Anyline has made submitting meter readings even easier for our customers. Feedback from customers has been really positive and customers who submit meter reads via our app rate their experience higher than any other channel available. “

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