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Meter Reading in an Instant with your Mobile Device.

Improve your efficiency, data quality and customer experience with mobile ocr meter reading.

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Fast and Accurate OCR Meter Reading

Mobile meter scanning eliminates the errors of manual data entry, and reduces the time needed to get readings by 90%.

Just point the device and start scanning!

Anyline will precisely read multiple generations of meters and reliably document them in your system.

No Expensive Meter Reading Devices needed

Anyline runs on every standard smartphone.

This is a cheaper and more versatile way of documenting meter readings.

It can be integrated into your customer app or your website, giving users the power to send their meter readings directly to you.

Anyline Benefits

No data entry errors

Location & connection independent

Data capture incl. verification image

20 times faster than manual data entry

Reads analog, digital & dot matrix displays

Anyline Benefits

Built in Data Quality Check

Every time users scan a meter display with Anyline, a verification image is created & attached to the scan.

This ‘2-in-1’ system lets you quickly verify readings, and ensures complete traceability.

What’s more, our patented AI learns as you work, increasing the data quality with every scan!

Supported Meter Types

  • Analog Displays

  • Digital Displays

  • Digital Dot Matrix Displays

  • Dial Meter Display

  • Up to 7 pre-decimal and 3 decimal places

Scan Any Meter, Anywhere and Anytime

With Anyline, all meter scans are processing directly on your device.

That means it works offline and in all conditions.

As a result, you have greater freedom to scan meters wherever they are with confidence in the quality of the results.

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Jiri Vyskocil
Jiri VyskocilAnyline Solution Expert
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Jiri Vyskocil
Jiri VyskocilAnyline Solution Expert
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