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1.Step: Choose the Use Case for your App.
2.Step: Scan via smartphone and get the result, no typing necessary.
3.Step: You decide what happens with the result.

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Your Challenges – Our Solution

Reduce post processing costs by 80%

Reduce billing costs – Less manual post processing – Fewer complaints

Anyline has been shown to reduce the costs of billing, manual post-processing and complaint handling for utility providers

You can add Anyline to your existing reading and submission processes to receive more customer information. Your team will receive the scan image, the meter reading and context information in an instant. This makes it easier to double-check readings or understand customer calls.

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OCR Meter Reading Use Cases


Meter upkeep and reading is a time-intensive process. You can try using a special device or old fashioned techniques such as a pen and paper. But these methods can lead to inaccurate readings. Scanning several meters within a short period of time will automate your business and gather the right data for enterprise analytics.


Involve your customers in the meter reading process by giving them the opportunity to read meter values themselves. Make the process easier and faster by enabling people to scan their meters with their smartphone.


Integrating Anyline into energy efficiency apps provides added value to the applications. That way users can track the whole process of their energy consumption. Using the app to read their meters themselves and being able to control their energy consumption brings energy efficiency to a more personal level and gets people more involved in the process.

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