How co.met simplifies Utility Services with Meter Self-Reading

How co.met simplifies Utility Services with Meter Self-Reading

co.met is a leading meter reading provider in Saarbrücken, Germany. The company provides meter reading services for both domestic and industrial uses, with over 240,000-meter points across the Saarland state capital, and millions more across Germany.

As a forward-looking company, co.met seeks out innovations that allow them to offer smart, holistic, and future-proof meter reading solutions to its customers.

Digitizing Utility Meter Readings

Utility companies around the world are moving towards greater digitization. Businesses and customers alike expect their utilities to become increasingly more automated, and easier to manage. To answer this demand, co.met wanted to find a cutting-edge solution to instantly digitize meters with the highest degree of accuracy.

After testing with Anyline, it was clear that mobile meter reading was the solution co.met were looking for. By implementing Anyline mobile scanning for utilities into both their workforce apps and website, co.met staff and customers can now scan meters in seconds – with just their mobile devices!

Mobile Utility Meter Scanning & Meter Self-Reading

When it comes to meter reading, utility companies need solutions with unbeatable accuracy, ease-of-use, and flexibility. And by choosing Anyline, co.met now has two different ways to receive their data.  

Firstly, co.met personnel can collect readings on-site by simply scanning customer meters with their workforce app. This scan is then coupled with an additional photo for verification and is transferred to co.met’s back-end system, along with additional data, such as the GPS location. The result is a faster, more accurate work process, helping staff to work more efficiently.

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“The new process supports both meter fitters and reading personnel alike, who can now record a meter reading in just one step and also document it with a photo. Manual typing of each meter reading can therefore be avoided. This saves valuable time, while at the same time avoiding transmission and reading errors, and storing proof images for later checks.”

But that’s not all. Anyline also offers a second innovative option to co.met customers – the ability to perform a meter self-reading through the co.met website! 

By activating their phone camera and capturing a QR code on their utility meter, customers open a webpage on the co.met website, which activates the Anyline utility meter scanner on their own device. Customers scan their own meter and send the results of their utility meter self-reading directly to co.met.

This means customers will no longer have to wait for a visit from co.met and can complete their meter reading at their own convenience.

“Our high-tech solution is making it easier to obtain meter values ​​for customers around the world. We are delighted that co.met, as a leading energy company, is taking the next step towards modern and customer-oriented process automation.”

Fast & Secure Meter Self-Reading

co.met’s utility meter self-reading solution for customers is an excellent example of how companies can integrate Anyline’s mobile scanning technology into any web browser. But mobile scanning on a web browser isn’t just convenient for customers; it also offers huge benefits to businesses. Firstly, integrating Anyline into a website is incredibly simple, and takes a fraction of the time, which would be needed to develop an own specialized app. 

Additionally, Anyline for websites offers the same level of accuracy & data security as our app-based solution. The reason for this is, that once the scanner is loaded on the user’s browser, all the capturing of data takes place on the user’s device entirely. That means, that there is no need for external servers, and no chance of interference from 3rd parties – in fact, it will even work offline!

If you want to bring the benefits of Anyline to your website & want to empower your customers with meter self-reading, get in touch with us today!

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