How Prologa Improves Utilities Processes & Waste Disposal with Mobile Scanning

How Prologa Improves Utilities Processes & Waste Disposal with Mobile Scanning

Across the utility and waste management industries, the words on everyone’s lips are “digital transformation”.

Businesses are on the lookout for pioneering and high-performing digital solutions to connect and coordinate their processes, while at the same time improving efficiency and productivity. Answering this call are IT providers like Prologa, who can build the innovative digital infrastructures that make these projects into reality.

When coupled with Anyline’s industry-leading mobile scanning technology, utility and waste management providers can completely digitize their processes, from data gathering through to processing and analysis, allowing for greater service optimization.

Here are three ways in which utilities and waste management companies can become more efficient by combining mobile scanning with Prologa software solutions.

Mobile Meter Reading & Smart Meter Rollout

While smart meter rollouts are steadily being implemented, it’s no secret that we will be living with a patchwork of different metering systems across Europe for years to come. So when utility companies want to digitize their meter reading processes, they need tools that recognize any meter they encounter, whether new or old.

Luckily, Anyline’s mobile meter reading solutions work for 97% of meters in use across Europe, including both analog and digital meters. By integrating Anyline into a Prologa software solution, utility workforces can collect meter readings in seconds by simply scanning them with their mobile device.

Each scan can be coupled with an additional photo for verification and can then be transferred to the utility company’s back-end system, along with additional data, such as the GPS location. Compared to manual data entry, the result is a faster, and more accurate process, helping staff to work more efficiently.

With its software solution, the SAP Meter Reading Planning & Smart Meter Rollout, Prologa offers a wealth of experience in planning and managing changeovers to utility companies. When paired with Anyline, companies can safely record every meter reading before conversion, ensuring that the correct bills are issued during and after the rollout of smart meters.

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On-Site Billing Feature for Utilities

Introducing paperless billing can also bring a raft of benefits to utility providers, most notably, savings in time, resources, and a reduced burden upon the administrative staff.

With mobile, on-site billing, utility companies can avoid the delays caused by mailing orders back and forth to customers. And since mobile meter reading is more accurate than manual data gathering, providers can also ‘kill two birds with one stone’, by eliminating claims and significantly reducing instances of non-technical losses.

“A successful on-site billing project is equally satisfying for both providers and their customers. For the end-user, it results in a simpler, faster, and more transparent billing service. As for the service provider, the reward is an efficient, cost-effective, and verifiable billing system. We are excited to work with Prologa to offer this superior ‘all-in-one’ on-site billing package.” 

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Waste Disposal Optimization

But it’s not only utilities that have a strong need to digitize their businesses. The ability to quickly collect reliable data on the go is equally important in the world of waste management.

Mobile scanning offers a seamless solution for gathering much of the information needed. For example, waste management employees can easily document the license plate of trailers, as well as the serial numbers of containers, entirely on their mobile devices. Removing manual data entry from this process is not only 20 times faster, but also eliminates the risk of data entry errors.

With the integration of Anyline’s container number and license plates scanning into Prologa’s SAP S/4HANA for waste and recycling, these requirements can be easily met.


“We are delighted to be working in close collaboration with Anyline to deliver unrivaled SAP solutions for utility and waste management services.

By combining our years of experience in optimizing operational business processes with the best mobile OCR scanner on the market, Prologa can stand ahead of the field in delivering meter reading, smart meter rollout, and waste management solutions.”

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