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Use Cases


The new kind of Receipts

Turn your receipts into scannable coupons and vouchers to engage your customers on a regular basis. They can use their phones to scan promotional codes, ensuring their return without fear of losing the receipt. This convenient approach to promotion leads to a smoother customer experience and increased loyalty.


Scan Vouchers via Smartphone

Make your vouchers scannable to provide customers with a convenient way to participate in your promotions. Your customers will be able to carry your vouchers with them at all times once they’re stored on their phones. This paperless solution will increase customer engagement and satisfaction levels.


Tax-Free Shopping

Anyline removes the paperwork from tax-free shopping, making this luxury experience even more enjoyable. You can use Anyline to perform secure scans of passports at your airport store or POS in an instant. This allows customers to concentrate on shopping and saves you time.

Success Stories


Yesss! Success Story

yesss! wanted to improve the user experience of their app. After quickly integrating Anyline, they were able to let customers scan top-up codes. This resulted in more successful top-ups and improved customer satisfaction.


Red Bull MOBILE Scan Voucher Codes

Red Bull wanted to increase their customer engagement. They integrated Anyline to scan the promotional codes on their drink cans. They found a boost in engagement and less false code entries as a result.


Karlsberg Scan Voucher Codes

Karlsberg promotional campaign revolved around enter a 6 digit code into their companion app. Once they integrated Anyline, users could use the app to scan voucher codes too. This resulted in more successful scans and an improved UX for customers.