How Karlsberg Improves Customer Engagement with Mobile Scanning

How Karlsberg Improves Customer Engagement with Mobile Scanning

The Karlsberg brewery wanted to enable their customers to easily participate in their various promotions while purchasing and consuming their product. The brewery already seized the opportunity of a recent football championship to launch a new campaign with the Karlsberg Urpils application.

Promotional codes were printed inside of the crown cap, allowing customers to collect and enter them manually online to participate in the promotion. But this wasn’t enough and although successful, the limitations by having to manually enter the code online meant that they were only capturing a small percentage of their audience.

The Vision

After the Championship and initial promotional efforts were over, Karlsberg discovered that they needed to add a mobile version of their campaign to best serve their customers and further grow the promotion. They wanted to expand their solution to the customer’s mobile devices, allowing them to collect the voucher codes at any time without having to manually type them in on their computer or browser. Karlsberg’s goal was to make customer engagement simple and more importantly, on the go.

Mobile Bottle Cap Scanning with OCR

The Anyline Solution

The idea for the Karlsberg Urpils app was simple. They wanted to build a mobile app that could easily read the promotional code printed inside of the crown caps, giving complete control to the customer and allowing them to simply take a photo of the code to have it entered.

Using Anyline’s mobile scanning solutions, this exact requirement was custom built into the Karlsberg Urpils app. Once the customer downloaded the app to their smartphone, all that they needed to do was point the scanner at the promotional code and within a few seconds, the promotional code was read.  Not only was this an easy process for the customers, but it was also significantly quicker and more accurate since the whole scanning process was done automatically.

The integration of mobile data capture dramatically improved customer engagement and boosted the success of the campaign to up to 200 user interactions per minute at the peak of the campaign. Karlsberg reported that over 1 million promotional scans were entered per month and the campaign had over 40,000 unique users in total, pushing their promotional marketing to the next level.

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