How PepsiCo Boosts Customer Engagement with Promotion Code Scanning

How PepsiCo Boosts Customer Engagement with Promotion Code Scanning

The worldwide food and beverage giant, PepsiCo, is rewarding consumers in Turkey with promotions and cash rewards – all with just a simple scan from their mobile phones. Using their new “PepsiCo KazandiRio!” mobile application, their consumers scan unique promotional codes on their favorite PepsiCo snacks and instantly access redeemable rewards.

PepsiCos Target of Enhancing Customer Engagement

PepsiCo was looking for a new and innovative way to boost customer engagement with their marketing campaigns. One that integrated all of their products and was fun and engaging with their customers.

By easily integrating Anyline promotional code scanning into their existing app, consumers in Turkey are able to instantly participate in PepsiCo competitions and promotions when they buy a participating product.

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“Why Not Just Use QR Codes?”

This is a question we get quite often at Anyline. Here are 3 reasons why promotional code scanning is better than traditional QR codes.

  1. Promotional codes can be placed anywhere: Anyline promotional codes can fit under bottle caps and can lids – and are still instantly readable by our scanning technology. QR codes are very difficult to read when shrunk to the same size, limiting their placement options.
  2. Cheaters can exploit QR codes: Placing a code on the outside of the product means that anyone can easily scan the code without buying the product. In comparison with unique promotional codes, they can be placed where the customer needs to break the seal to access the code.
  3. Promotional codes are more versatile: Why make a unique and beautiful promotional campaign, only to then stick a giant QR code on it. Promotional codes are easily customizable to match your brand and promotional styling, giving you more flexibility when integrating it into your campaign.

The Anyline Solution

When it comes to marketing campaigns and promotions, every second counts when it comes to the customer’s engagement. Removing barriers is therefore of paramount importance to success, and by working with Anyline, PepsiCo has given its customers a fast, fun, and engaging way to take part in the promotion.


“Our brand is known for some of the most famous and well-remembered advertisements in history. So when our consumers see a PepsiCo campaign, they expect the best. Integrating promotional code scanning into our app means we give the best possible experience that brings our consumers back again and again.”

“At Anyline, we offer innovative scanning solutions that keep our partners one step ahead of the competition. It’s a great source of pride for us to be the choice of PepsiCo, one of the world’s leading fast-moving consumer goods companies, to help them stay ahead of the curve with their promotions.”

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