How FoodNotify Empowers Customers with Barcode Scanning

How FoodNotify Empowers Customers with Barcode Scanning

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EU food regulation requires businesses and restaurants to inform customers about allergens. With so many products on the market, this poses a problem for chefs and restaurant owners. FoodNotify was looking for a way to bring order and transparency back to kitchens and restaurants and help their customers find their way through the allergen jungle. They also developed their idea because they wanted to make the working life of chefs and restaurant owners easier again.

Foodnotify App with Integrated Mobile Scanning Feature

Making Allergen Labelling for Restaurants Super Easy

FoodNotify had the vision to take care of allergen labeling compliance for their customers and let them continue being chefs or restaurant owners. They wanted to make creating menus according to the EU Food Labelling Regulation super easy. They were looking for a way to check recipes for allergens, nutritional values, and additives and label the recipes accordingly without having to spend hours on administrative work.

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Mobile Barcode Scanner - Anyline Mobile Barcode SDK for Barcode Scanning

Scanning Barcodes with Mobile Data Capture

The recent upgrade to the Anyline mobile scanning SDK enables you to scan over 40 different barcode varieties, allowing you to record various products and ingredients quickly and with no effort. Despite a large database of ingredients and products within the gastronomy and hotel industries, the Anyline solution allows FoodNotify to easily manage any product needed.

The app is linked to your FoodNotify account and saves all your scanned ingredients to a list. FoodNotify offers several features that can be added as wished. The solutions are offered to restaurants, hotels, nursing homes, canteens, or hospitals to name a few examples.

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