Mobile Data Capture for Automotive.

Streamline processes, enhance customer experience, and reduce costs with mobile scanning solutions for automotive service providers and OEMs. Scan Vehicle ID Numbers, Tire Identification Numbers & License Plates.

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Easily Document Vehicle Ownership or Rentals

Anyline mobile data capture technology makes it simple to document vehicle identification data with just a smartphone. Let your customers scan VIN and TIN numbers to read and process all the data you need, including a verification image for photographic proof and simplified back end processes. Mobile scanning solutions are the perfect choice for verifying model types or creating digital twins of vehicles in your app or website as well.

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Simplify Customer On-Boarding with Mobile Scanning

Your customers don’t like to wait. They want to get where they are going and without any unnecessary delays. Anyline provides you with the perfect range of mobile scanning solutions to help them enjoy life in the fast lane. Remove tedious forms from your user experience to make on-boarding and sign-up processes easier than ever before.

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Solutions for Mobile data Capture

Take a closer look at our wide range of mobile scanning solutions for a variety of different industries.
Find the Solution for Your Business
ID Scanner

Scan ID cards, passports and other documents with any mobile device.

Driver's License Scanning (USA)

Scan and process US driver license data with any mobile device.

Arabic ID Scanner

Scan ID cards, passports and other documents with any mobile device.

License Plate Scanner

Get car and driver information with mobile scanning.

PDF417 Scanning

Driver's license information at your fingertips, through the PDF417.

Utility Meter Scanning

Mobile Meter Reading for the Utilities, Oil and Gas Industries.

Face Authentication

Enhance customer onboarding & verification processes with biometric face authentication.

US License Plate Scanner

Get car and driver information with mobile scanning.

Universal ID Scanner

Scan ID cards, passports and other documents with any mobile device. Turn your app or website into a fast & secure ID scanner.

Serial Number Scanning

Streamline Your workflows with serial number scanning

Driver License Scanning (Australia)

Scan and process Australian driver license data with any mobile device.

Custom Projects Scanning

Custom Solutions for Mobile Data Capture.

Passport MRZ Scanning

Passport scanning the easy way, without any extra hardware.

Driver License Scanning (General)

Scan and process driver license data with any mobile device.

VIN Number Scanning

Identify vehicles to manage your lot, fleet or rentals

Tire Identification Number - DOT Scanning

Tire safety done the fast and easy way, using your mobile.

Barcode Scanner

Extract and process barcodes with your phone on-the-go.

Document Scanner

Say goodbye to paperwork with our mobile document scanner.

Anyline Benefits

Location & Connection Independent
Remove the errors of manual data entry with your mobile device.
Verify Every Scan
Double-check each reading by comparing it to an additional verification image.
20x Faster Than Manual Data Entry
Collecting data with your mobile device is far more efficient than writing or typing
Our on-device processing means all data captured stays safe in your closed system.
Works on All Smart Devices
Built with versatility in mind, Anyline easily integrates into your device and platform of choice.
Improved Data Quality
Remove the errors of manual data entry with your mobile device.

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  • Optimize the way you digitize data
  • Accurate & hassle-free mobile scanning solutions
  • Cross-platform support for easy & fast SDK integration

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The Anyline MRZ SDK extracts information from ID-cards, passports, and visas. It works with the two-line standards TD-3 and TD-2 as well as the three-line standards TD-1, MRV-A, and MRV-B.

The Universal ID scan mode supports all MRZ documents, PDF417 documents, several European, US and Australian driving licenses as well as several European identity cards. A full overview is available in our documentation.

The Anyline SDK can read vehicle identification numbers located on a car chassi, door sticker or under a windshield. It follows the ISO 3799:2009 standard

The Anyline TIN Scanner supports 2 modes.

  1. Standard mode: This scan mode recognizes tire identification numbers composed of 15 characters – so called DOT serial number. Visit our documentation for more information.
  2. Flexible mode: This scan mode can read variable sizes of plant, size and dimensional code, regardless of the above. We recommend using this mode for test purposes only as the scan accuracy may vary compared to the Standard mode.

The Number Plate plugin can be used to scan one and two-line license plates of different sizes and formats. Designed primarily for EU license plates it also reads badges in a similar format. Feel free to check the full list of supported countries.

We offer our packages on the basis of annual licenses and tailor our solutions individually to the needs of each of our customers. Please get in touch regarding your individual quote.

Yes. Since the SDK does not require an internet connection, and because we do not store any data on ours or third-party servers, it is compliant with the GDPR, DSGVO, APIS and the CCPA.

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