How to Scan Driver’s Licenses with Just a Mobile Phone

Discover how you can scan driver's licenses with any kind of smart device or mobile phone. Mobile scanning solutions for mobile policing.

Police officers need to be on their game – and on the go – day in and day out. Along the way, they are gathering data; from names, locations and incidents, to collecting evidence at crime scenes. Officers need the tools to remain agile, mobile & aware at all times, but too often they are being held back by time-consuming and tedious tasks.

To be able to scan driver’s licenses with a mobile phone is the perfect solution to optimize time-consuming work processes that police forces have to deal with on a daily basis. To use a driving license scanner app & apply mobile scanning technology to these processes is a fast, simple and secure way, to save the precious time of police officers & to boost the efficiency of police departments. Time & resources which can be used for much more vital tasks & services.


Driver License Scans Save Time & Reduce Costs

The gathering & processing of Driver’s Licenses & data from IDs manually is not only a mundane and time-consuming task, it’s a hotbed for human error as well. There are many causes of human typing mistakes such as stress, fatigue, and distraction. Especially police officers have more exposure to these factors than most other people.

It only takes one typing mistake for ID data to be corrupted. However, with mobile scanning technology, the scan accuracy is over 99% in laboratory settings. This is a huge improvement in the quality of data collection. What’s more, our mobile scanning tools are tailored to work in demanding environments as well and can collect data fast & secure in any location & in all conditions.

Learn about the digital transformation of police forces with mobile scanning solutions in this free Whitepaper about Mobile Policing. And if you want to see a driving license scanner app in action: Discover how the Austrian police forces already use mobile scanning every day and how the Royal Gibraltar Police are rolling out Mobile Policing solutions with Anyline.

Mobile Driving License Scans – Anytime & Anywhere

With just their mobile phones, officers can perform mobile scans of driver’s licenses & IDs at all roadside locations.  They can connect directly to the database of their police departments backend system to get live information during traffic stops or routine checks. With enhanced offline functionality,  the mobile scanning even works in underground parking lots or any other location with weak or zero signals: Officers can safely upload their scan data, as soon as their connection gets re-established.

Secure Gathering & Processing of Data

Police officers know that not all data is created equal. When it comes to recording and storing information, from driver license scans, ID card checks to evidence collection, data security is absolutely paramount.

With our mobile scanning technology, no data gets sent to the cloud where it could be intercepted, copied, or corrupted by third parties. This makes Anyline’s mobile policing solutions the most secure way of collecting driving license data & ID details available. All performed scans are digitally secured and processed on the user’s device immediately, allowing the police units to upload private data to the server and backend systems of their department.