Deploy Mobile Policing to Governmental Forces with Mobile Data Capture

How the Austrian Police Reduced Manual Processes with Mobile Scanning

The Austrian Police now use Anyline’s mobile OCR technology to identify people and vehicles with their smartphones. They can do this by scanning IDs, such as passports, as well as license plates. The police integrated Anyline as they recently equipped officers with iPhones.

Anyline lets you input data up to 20 times faster than writing or typing. The results are more accurate reporting of license plates and ID details, real-time feedback, and less time spent on manual data entry and radio communication.

Deploying the Future of Mobile Policing

The Austrian BM.I (Bundesministerium für Inneres) wanted to explore all possible ways to optimize police time and remove redundant processes from their workflows. They also wanted to include real-time communication in their technical solutions. One of the first steps they took was to add mobile scanning from Anyline as a standard feature on all police-issue iPhones.

Mobile scanning is the solution to the time and labor-intensive processes that police encounter on a daily basis. These processes, such as manual data entry, take up hours of a police officer’s normal workday. This time is better spent serving communities or responding to emergency calls. Anyline allows the ministry to work within a budget to make the most of limited resources in the most effective way possible.

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Mobile Scanning as Time-Saver

Mobile scanning lets every police officer leverage 21st-century technology throughout their workday. Mobile license plate & ID scanning removes writing and typing from reporting processes. This eliminates mistakes and typing errors.

In addition, police forces can securely upload all scan data to their database, further reducing the need for manual data entry later on.

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Mobile ID Scanning for Police Forces

Anyline turns mobile devices into accurate multi-purpose scanners for any scenario. You can scan passportsdriving licensesIDs, and license plates in an instant and with +99% accuracy. Mobile scanning is secure as well, as all scans are processed directly on the user’s device.

Start scanning now and remove manual data entry and paper documentation from your processes.

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