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Accessible AI: the Anyline Platform lets anyone build mobile scanning solutions

By Jakob Hofer, Anyline Co-Founder and CMO

Today, we can announce our most ambitious project to date, the Anyline Platform

The Platform, which we have presented for the first time today at the Zebra APPFORUM in Las Vegas, is driven by a singular vision: making AI accessible to everyone

We are doing this by giving our users the power, and creative control, to create their own unique scanning solutions, for any situation.

And most importantly, we have made it usable by everyone; getting started requires no knowledge of AI or machine learning, and users will see their first results within a matter of hours instead of weeks.

Tailor-made OCR for the highest precision

Until now, we have led the market for mobile scanning, creating new, innovative solutions for dozens of different use cases, from scanning IDs, license plates and meters, to even cattle tags and car tires, to name only a few examples.

But with the new Platform, Anyline users will be able to create tailor-made solutions to their exact specifications, resulting in the highest degree of accuracy with every scan. 

How will it work?

The beauty of any great tech product is in the distillation of the incredibly intricate into something which even a beginner can understand and use. 

Looking under the hood, the Platform functions by training new neural networks through machine learning. When training images are uploaded to the Platform, they go through a process of annotation, training, and first deployment. Then, using closed-loop training, the solution will continue to improve itself with every scan, as it incorporates each new image into an expanding library of information.

But thankfully, each of these steps is automatic; for the Platform user, all you will need to do is upload your images, click ‘start’, and the platform will begin learning. 

It’s as simple as that.

Anyline Platform Partnership

Are you an early adopter? And is your company ready to become a part of the future of mobile OCR? If so, apply today to get exclusive early access as an Anyline Platform Partner.

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