Anyline Trainer

Making AI accessible to all

Anyline Trainer - AI tool for fast & efficient custom mobile scanning solutions with OCR

Reinvent Mobile OCR with a Powerful New Tool

The Anyline Trainer lets you harness the power of AI to design your own tailor-made scanning solution.

You can train your own new use case independently by simply uploading images to the Trainer, which uses machine learning to recognize and correctly read your target text.

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Anyline Trainer - End-to-End AI as a Service

End-to-End AI as a Service

Through dynamic machine learning, your Trainer-created scanning solutions will continue to improve with every scan. That means our automated AI will optimize your scanner as you are using it.

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Fast Early Results
Build your first OCR prototype in hours, rather than weeks.
A Tailor-Made Solution for You
Make a solution specific to your requirements, with the highest degree of accuracy.
User-Friendly Interface
No expert knowledge needed; anyone can build their own OCR with just a few clicks.
Lukas Kinigadner CEO Anyline

The Anyline Trainer

“We want to make the benefits of artificial intelligence accessible to everyone, within hours, and without any machine learning skills.  The Anyline Trainer makes this dream a reality.”

Anyline CEO Lukas Kinigadner

Be the future of AI