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Use Cases


Entrance validation to clubs

Anyline scans IDs 20x faster than people and works in all light conditions. Its high accuracy means more secure access control for your venue and decreased wait times for entry. You can reduce the friction of attending your venue and save money on security costs with Anyline.


Bottle cap scanning

Anyline scans codes printed on bottle caps so you can create digital marketing campaigns with ease. Once your customers scan their codes, they get instant results about the competition or giveaway that you’re running. There’s no need to check online or wait for results, creating a smooth customer experience.


License Plate Scanning

Enjoy full access control for your event with Anyline’s license plate scanner. You can scan all license plates as they enter and leave your premises. This removes the need for paper receipts and decreases the wait time for entry and exit to your event.

Success Stories


Porsche Leipzig Success Story

Porsche brought an interactive element to their exhibition with Anyline. Visitors can scan the license plates of the vehicles on display to get more information about the cars and when they were built.


Red Bull MOBILE Scan Voucher Codes

Red Bull wanted to increase their customer engagement. They integrated Anyline to scan the promotional codes on their drink cans. They found a boost in engagement and less false code entries as a result.


Karlsberg Scan Voucher Codes

Karlsberg promotional campaign revolved around enter a 6 digit code into their companion app. Once they integrated Anyline, users could use the app to scan voucher codes too. This resulted in more successful scans and an improved UX for customers.