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Access Control for Exam Admissions

Anyline is the perfect tool for access control on your school campus. Scan student IDs and passport MRZs prior to admission exams for full access control. This will significantly reduce the duration of administrative processes prior to the exam and creates a less stressful exam experience for students.


Scan Enrolment Documents for Onboarding

Create the best enrollment experience possible for new students with Anyline. By scanning enrollment documents, you’ll create a perfect record of admission and reduce the time taken to complete your processes. This removes stress for students and reduces the workload for staff.


Attendance check of General Exams

Ensure that you take the perfect attendance check before exams begin with Anyline. You can take instant scans of student IDs and passport MRZs to check attendance, even without an internet connection. Anyline will then put together a secure and unalterable attendance record.