Smart Factory Solutions with Mobile Data Capture

Identify and confirm genuine parts fast and efficiently. Track goods and products with accuracy you can trust. Mobile data capture for smart factory operations.

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Instant Counterfeit Part Identification On-The-Go

Counterfeit parts damage brand reputation increases your maintenance costs as well as machine downtime while also creating safety issues. All of these problems lead to a loss of earnings and can be a substantial threat to companies. With Anyline mobile scanning solutions for smart factory processes, you and your customers can detect counterfeit parts with ease.

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Reduce Maintenance Costs with Mobile Data Capture

Anyline mobile data capture can help to keep your assembly lines moving quickly by identifying the right parts that need to be replaced or repaired. Thanks to industry-leading OCR technology, Anyline is capable of capturing any barcode or character your project needs, saving you from having to modify complex mechanical processes. Save time and resources by keeping your database of parts up to date with mobile data capture.

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Solutions for Mobile Data Capture

Take a closer look at our wide range of mobile scanning solutions for a variety of different industries.
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Passport MRZ Scanning

Passport scanning the easy way, without any extra hardware.

Driver's License Scanning (USA)

Scan and process US driver license data with any mobile device.

ID Scanner

Scan ID cards, passports and other documents with any mobile device.

PDF417 Scanning

Driver's license information at your fingertips, through the PDF417.

Face Authentication

Enhance customer onboarding & verification processes with biometric face authentication.

Barcode Scanner

Extract and process barcodes with your phone on-the-go.

Driver License Scanning (Australia)

Scan and process Australian driver license data with any mobile device.

Document Scanner

Say goodbye to paperwork with our mobile document scanner.

License Plate Scanner

Get car and driver information with mobile scanning.

VIN Number Scanning

Identify vehicles to manage your lot, fleet or rentals

US License Plate Scanner

Get car and driver information with mobile scanning.

Utility Meter Scanning

Mobile Meter Reading for the Utilities, Oil and Gas Industries.

Serial Number Scanning

Streamline Your workflows with serial number scanning

Arabic ID Scanner

Scan ID cards, passports and other documents with any mobile device.

Driver License Scanning

Scan and process driver license data with any mobile device.

Custom Projects Scanning

Custom Solutions for Mobile Data Capture.

Tire Identification Number - DOT Scanning

Tire safety done the fast and easy way, using your mobile.

Universal ID Scanner

Scan ID cards, passports and other documents with any mobile device. Turn your app or website into a fast & secure ID scanner.

Anyline Benefits

Improved Data Quality
Remove the errors of manual data entry with your mobile device.
Location & Connection Independent
Anyline works offline and in any location, allowing you to capture meter readings no matter where you are.
Verify Every Scan
Double-check each reading by comparing it to an additional verification image.
20x Faster Than Manual Data Entry
Collecting data with your mobile device is far more efficient than writing or typing.
Our on-device processing means all data captured stays safe in your closed system.
Works on All Smart Devices
Built with versatility in mind, Anyline easily integrates into your device and platform of choice.

How Innovapptive uses Mobile Scanning to Succeed

Richard Sandall from Innovapptive explains how mobile scanning & OCR technology improve productivity & customer service.

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  • Optimize the way you digitize data
  • Accurate & hassle-free mobile scanning solutions
  • Cross-platform support for easy & fast SDK integration

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The Universal Serial Number plugin allows you to scan uppercase alphanumeric codes of all kind, so you can quickly identify devices, machinery, building infrastructure, installations, and more.

You can easily customize the SDK plugin by adding a character whitelist, a regular expression and more. See our technical documentation for more information.

The Anyline SDK allows your to scan both horizontal and vertical container numbers. We read all freight containers that are ISO 6346 compliant. The default scan mode is horizontal.

The Anyline Document Scanner SDK allows you to scan any rectangular document, be it a receipt, a label, a card etc. The plugin detects document outlines, validates the angles and aspect ratio of the document, determines the text sharpness, and rectifies the final scan.

Yes, the Anyline Document Scan UI Plugin offers a ready-to-use solution to add a featured document scanning functionality to your app as e.g. cropping, bottom navigation bar with buttons and more.

Yes. Since the SDK does not require an internet connection, and because we do not store any data on ours or third-party servers, it is compliant with the GDPR, DSGVO, APIS and the CCPA.