Become a Liner

Anyline Team 2020

We want our team to learn new things every day. The top one reasons why our team comes into the office every day is the team itself and the environment that drives constant learning.

At Anyline we don’t like it when things come to a halt. We are always moving forward, trying out new things and taking risks. Even if we don’t do it right the first time, we simply try again and do it better the second time around.

Further we are committed to sharing our experiences and our knowledge, not only with each other, but also with people outside the company, like students or the developer community.

Anyline Team

We are a Team!

We’re fascinated by innovative technology.
We don’t mind doing the dirty work for others to re-invent traditional processes and create the hottest new technology! 

Our mission

We are a culture driven company!

We want to live our values. There are some daily, weekly, monthly routines and team events to make sure those values are not just an item on a list. Our values are the base of our behaviour, our decisions and our cooperation. Our core values are

Empowerment | Clarity | Responsibility | Courage | Empathy

… and not to forget coffee ;)

Our Benefits

Open Positions

Since a big part of what makes Anyline special are the people, we place great importance on being an amazing team and finding people who share our company values.

If you feel like joining our young and innovative team, simply drop us a line!

If there’s no job opening which fits you, don’t hesitate to send us a very personal application! If you think you could improve a very important aspect at our company, we definitely want you! We are always looking for talented, like-minded people who are motivated to work with us!