Project Description

Amazing Things Developers Build with OCR – Part 2 | IBAN Scanning

OCR has been around for a long time as we all know. We at Anyline strive to make OCR fun and immensely easy to use for our users and customers. We’re always happy if customers manage to use the Anyline® SDK for a use case we had never thought about! It was kind of like that with our customer cashpresso, who implemented an IBAN scan functionality within their app, using our technology. We have thought about the possibility of scanning IBANs before and had started to showcase a demo implementation, but cashpresso adapted and tweaked it to their needs and a complitely new use case.


We did already talk quite a lot about the problem and the vision behind cashpresso in our Success Story, therefore lets focus on the simple problem of typing IBANs. Typing IBANs is annoying and cumbersome and happens quite often in our day-to-day lives. You should better not make a mistake when typing as there is always money involved in the action. Obviously, when looking for a scanning solution you’d like to also not have your IBAN sent to a strange server, so an offline solution is definitely preferred.


Tweaking the Anyline SDK to different kinds of IBAN types on different kinds of backgrounds with the demo implementation as a start.

What’s the start in order to build such a solution then? Anyline’s demo implementations and code examples! You can access those when you download our SDK or have a look at them on Github!

You can look up how to build a custom use case with the Anyline OCR SDK here!

By going through Anyline’s Documentation and reading a bit into the OCR Parameters you can see in the configuration, you will be able to adapt the example to your special IBAN backgrounds and fonts on your own.

What are the most common use cases this solution could be applied to?

  • Simplifying On-boarding Processes
  • Mobile Registrations of a SEPA payment
  • B2C apps which ease quick transactions

IBAN Scanning with OCR

Have you built something with our SDK or OCR in general yet? Please reach out to us! We’re happy to feature your use case in order to help our community of OCR-fanatics to become even better! If you need help implementing our SDK, take a look at this video about how to integrate the Anyline SDK for Android into your own app!


If you have questions, suggestions or feedback on this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via FacebookTwitter or simply via [email protected]! Cheers!