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Anyline 4 is Here – Find Out How it Will Help Your Business

We recently unveiled our first major release in three years – Anyline 4. As the company CTO, I’m very excited about this update. It’s our best performing release yet and will help us to introduce new features that will change how you scan data with your smartphone. There’s some very exciting updates on the way and we wanted to let you know how you can take advantage of these innovations to improve processes in your business.

Let’s take a look at some of the new scanning methods and features you’ll be able to integrate with your workforce and customer apps. More importantly, let’s figure out how these new features can help you to reduce resources and improve data capture and text recognition in your processes!

Upcoming Anyline Features

Remote License Deployment – No More Development Downtime

Expected to be rolled out sometime in the middle of next year, remote license deployment means you can enjoy rolling licenses year on year without needing a new license key. This removes license key requests from your processes and reduces development time as you no longer need to deploy a new app version with every new key.

We’re delighted to be introducing this new feature as we know many of our customers will save time thanks to remote license deployment.

Report Dashboard – Get Scan Insights in an Instant

While Anyline allows you to do whatever you like with your data, you may not be getting a full overview of your scan activity. We’re combatting this by introducing a report dashboard. You can use the dashboard to monitor scan activity within your processes. This will help you to judge scan engagement, keep a tab on scan volume and track all your bundleIDs.

The report dashboard should also help you to contact the Anyline team in support situations or plan subscription renewals. Overall, you should get a much clearer picture of how scanning affects your day-to-day procedures and how it fits in with your current and future business models.

Custom UI Options – Personalize the Scanning Experience in Your App

From Anyline 4, you’ll be able to create custom UIs for the scan screen of your app. You can create your own scanning frames, add your own scan instructions and adjust the color and branding of the scan screen to get the perfect look and feel for your app. Custom UI options give you the freedom to design the right UI for your customers and workforce, which is sure to increase scan engagement in our app.

We’ll provide a more in-depth look at this feature in 2019, with a short guide on how you can get the right look and feel for your scan UI!

External Video Feed Scanning – Connect Auxiliary Cameras to Your Smartphone

Have a scanning use case that isn’t right for capture with your smartphone? You’ll soon be able to connect cameras to your smartphone via USB/WiFi/Bluetooth and use Anyline’s mobile OCR technology on images taken via external video feed. This new scan option will open up a whole new range of use cases that can be processed with the mobile OCR technology of Anyline.

With the expansion of Anyline to other camera devices, you can start to consider our technology for all your scanning needs. By consolidating your mobile scanning solutions with a single provider, you’re sure to save money and avoid time consuming evaluations and negotiations with other providers!

Sequential Scanning – Create Unique Scanning Work Flows Within Your App

Perhaps the most exciting feature on the way from a tech perspective, sequential scanning is set to make scanning multiple data points easier than ever. Sequential scanning means you can scan different data types from the same scan screen without navigating back through a menu. This feature is set to streamline mobile scanning within your workforce processes and make data capture from multiple data points easier than ever.

This feature should be a huge time saver for workforce apps. In addition, it may be helpful for customer onboarding and as an in-store solution. We’re excited to launch this feature and can’t wait to hear about the fully-optimized workflows that our customers create with sequential scanning.

Parallel Scanning – Scan Two Data Points at the Same Time

Our second new scan method to unveil is parallel scanning. Parallel scanning lets you capture two different data points during the same scan. This came from the need to scan utility meter serial numbers at the same time as the meter value itself. Thankfully, we’ve been able to roll this feature out for all kinds of parallel scans.

Parallel scanning should cut processing times for certain scanning procedures in half by capturing twice as many data points as before. In industries such as utilities, this scan method is already saving companies time and money by reducing time spent in the field.

How to Start Scanning with Anyline 4

Updating existing Anyline integrations to Anyline 4 is easy to do. You can find information on how to update in our online documentation. Just select the platform of your choice and find the Anyline 4 release notes for a walkthrough!

If you’re new to mobile text recognition, you can try our 30-day free trial or get in touch for more information. Anyline provides scanning solutions for processing license plates, passports, utility meters, serial numbers, document and much more. Our team is waiting to hear from you so reach out today and find out if Anyline can help your business save time and money today!

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