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Get Anyline 4 Now – More Developer Options Than Ever Before

Anyline 4 makes mobile scanning with Anyline’s mobile text recognition technology better than ever before. You can plan all kinds of new scanning configurations with Anyline 4. Updating only requires a few lines of code and is clearly outlined in our documentation.

New Features

Anyline 4 opens up the possibilities to create various workflows using Anyline. These features will be gradually introduced in the upcoming releases after Anyline 4. Here are some of the new features you can expect in the near future.

Sequential Scanning

This feature lets you create workflows within the camera view of Anyline. You no longer need to return to the menu to scan new data types.

For example, you can configure your scan sequence to scan license plates followed by a driving license and VIN number without leaving the camera view. This improves your app’s user experience as it creates an easy and fluid workflow without switching between the camera view and main menu.

Parallel scanning

Parallel scanning is another new scan mode that will be introduced. This will also improve the Anyline scan experience by allowing users to scan two pieces of information at the same time. This saves time in your scanning activities and improves workflow within your app.

A typical example of parallel scanning would be scanning the serial number and meter value of a utility meter at the same time.

Custom UI

Custom UIs are coming and will be completely new to Anyline. This means you can soon optimize the scanning experience within your app with custom scan screens and guide frames.

External Video Feed

This means you can scan data with different camera types and see the results instantly on your phone or laptop. You can also select video frames to be scanned by importing them through a file system. For example, you can use Anyline on a dashboard mounted camera to quickly scan a license plate and get results on your phone.

Remote License Deployment

A planned feature for next year, you will soon be able to be take advantage of remote license management. You’ll no longer need to prepare a new release when your Anyline license expires. Instead, you can deploy your license remotely and avoid unnecessary development time.

Report Dashboard

Future Anyline releases will see the launch of our customer database, which features an extensive report dashboard. You’ll be able to easily access all of the following information from the same place:

– Scan Volume
– BundleIDs
– Expiration Dates
– Anyline Contact Details

This will make scan management easier than ever and help you to get a real feel for how customers and workers conduct their scan activity on a day-to-day basis.

Why Should I Upgrade to Anyline 4?

Besides gaining access to these upcoming features, there are a number of reasons why you should update your SDK version. Anyline 4 makes a number of changes to the structure of the SDK and provides you with more development options. Our CTO, Daniel Albertini, recently gave a quick webinar where he explained what has changed and why upgrading to Anyline 4 is the best option for all developers.

Get Anyline 4 Now – Try the Free SDK Trial

The Anyline SDK includes ready-to-go solutions for our most common use cases such as license plate scanning, utility meter scanning and ID scanning. Integration is simple and all major mobile platforms are supported. With online documentation and tutorials, you can get started in an instant.

Download the 30-day free trial and try mobile text recognition for yourself!

Try Anyline 4!


If you have questions, suggestions or feedback on this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via FacebookTwitter or simply via [email protected]! Cheers!

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