Project Description

Anyline at the European Utility Week 2015

Last week one of the biggest industry shows in Europe was hosted in our beautiful and smart city Vienna: the European Utility Week. With more than 400 global exhibitors, innovative technologies and interesting talks, the European Utility Week attracted its 12.000 visitors. Since we are proud of having been one of those global exhibitors we want to share some insights of the trade fair with you.


From November 3rd to November 5th parts of our team dressed up and successfully demonstrated Anyline Energy at the European Utility Week. With an outstanding booth, an innovative and easy to use technology and a special gadget the Anyline team could assert themselves very well and drew the attendees’ attention.


With its intuitive and user friendly demo application for both iOS and Android containing two different use cases (the customer self-reading of the meters and the workforce tool) Anyline Energy encouraged lots of visitors to try out the application themselves. 

Anyline Energy enables smart devices to read any meter in a quick and playful way. The data can be transmitted directly to the backend system. At the trade fair, the Anyline team demonstrated the real time transmission of the data (meter reading and automatically taken picture of the meter) to the SAP system and visitors were impressed of how fast and accurate it worked.

As a special gadget our team also presented a prototype we’re developed to be running on the Epson Moverio Pro BT-2000 smart glasses, who kindly provided us with an exemplar that is just being released on the market now. Showing the visitors that the meter reading is possible as well with those smart glasses drew a lot of attention and interest to our booth. People played around for a bit, tried it out and immediately recognised lots of other possible use cases combining our OCR technology and smart glasses as a workforce tool.

Trying out the Epson Moverio Pro BT-2000 at the Anyline booth at the EUW


A pitch-black booth with two big screens and nine Ferraris electricity meters attached to its front caught a lot of attendees’ eyes. Surrounded by booths displaying smart meters people passing by were surprised to see Ferraris meters, asking our team if they were smart meters too. :) After a quick demo of our OCR technology the visitors were convinced of its functionalities and usefulness.

Crowd gathering in front of Anyline booth at the EUW

We met interesting companies, possible customers and partners and received lots of requests, ranging from getting additional information, to setting up a meeting or even to using the Anyline SDK to read all analog meters one last time before the smart meter rollout is carried out in certain areas.
After three intense days of demoing, gathering lots of new contacts and quite some learnings, the Anyline team packed up the whole booth again, which is ready for the next big event.

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