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Anyline Team Attends the International SAP Conference on Utilities in Lisbon

If you follow Anyline on social media, you’ll be well aware that some of our team were in Lisbon, Portugal last week for the international SAP Conference on Utilities in Lisbon. The team had a great time at the conference. They learned a lot about how SAP processes can help utility companies to overcome the challenges associated with digital transformation and smart meter rollouts. Here’s a quick look back at the 3 days Sophie, Immanuel, Clemens and Haimo spent in Lisbon!

Finding Our Feet in Lisbon

With the conference slated to start on Tuesday, our team spent most of the time before then setting up for the conference and planning the activities they would attend.

Once Tuesday arrived, they were ready to meet the other conference attendees and start learning how SAP is changing the utilities industry. Immanuel Neureiter, our senior sales manager and utility initiative lead, attended a workshop on Tuesday called SAP Cloud Innovations for Utilities and Oil & Gas.

On Wednesday, all 4 of the team were in attendance for keynote talks given at the conference. This was a great opportunity to learn more about the use cases and potential problems that our customers face. This was followed with some demos that lead to a number of conversations with other participants and helped us to identify some future partners.

Anyliners Rock the International SAP Conference on Utilities

Sophie Kreuzer, our Brand Manager, also took the opportunity to attend the Women’s Business Lunch on Wednesday. This was followed by a panel discussion between Silke Lehmann, Malaya Toll and Emma Southwood. Silke is the Managing Director at Accenture for Oil & Gas, Process Excellence & SAP, Malaya is Director Utilities at SAP Australia & New Zealand and Emma is the Specialist for HR Systems and Intergration at Suncor Energy.

Later that day, Anyline’s very own Immanuel Neureiter gave his presentation, “Streamline Data Collection and Avoid Customer Complaints During Smart Meter Roll Out with Mobile OCR”.

You can see more about this presentation here:

An event was held that evening for conference participants at the Estufa Fira, a botanical garden in the centre of Lisbon. The team was treated to a fine selection of food and entertainment.

The Last Day of the Conference

The final day of the conference was punctuated by Clemens’ demonstration of Anyline’s scanning technology.

He illustrated the usefulness of Anyline when managing smart meter rollouts. We were very happy to talk with a number of demo attendee’s that could see applications for mobile scanning in their own processes afterwards.

Overall, the team had a great experience at the conference. They were able to meet and chat with people from India, the U.A.E, Turkey, Germany and more. It was also a great chance to talk more with SAP enthusiasts from Austria.

Need Mobile Scanning in Your SAP Solution?

If the presentations and demos that the Anyline team gave in Lisbon sound like they could improve your SAP processes, get in touch. We’re happy to hear your use case and help you optimize them with mobile scanning!


If you have questions, suggestions or feedback on this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via FacebookTwitter or simply via [email protected]! Cheers!


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