Project Description

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Assist Digital is a pan-European agency that blends AI and human expertise to optimize CX and improve business performance. The firm has achieved huge success by offering imaginative and innovative digital solutions for their clients.

Find out how they recently took a project to the next level by integrating Anyline meter reading into a multi-purpose utility app!

The Vision

Assist Digital was tasked with designing a new customer app for an Italian utility and environmental services provider with more than four million customers.

Unlike other companies with a limited focus, their utility client offers a holistic service to their private and business clients, encompassing electricity, water and gas provision. As a result, Assist Digital needed to develop a multi-service utility app that would enable customers to manage all their energy usage on a single platform.

The Solution

Assist Digital wanted to make it as easy as possible for customers to collect and send their energy usage data back to the provider. To do this, they integrated Anyline meter reading into their app. Now, when customers need to report their energy usage, they can quickly scan their meters with their own smartphone camera, and send the results directly to their provider.

Utility Meter Reading - Scan Utility Meters for Sustainable Utility Management

“We needed a versatile solution to scan and digitize many different types of meter - including both analog and digital meters - for measuring gas, electricity and water usage. Anyline was not only the fastest and most accurate scanning solution on the market, but it was also very easy to integrate!”

Emilio Mazzola, Assist Digital Head of Media & Utilities

Assist Digital’s app now makes it far easier for both business and private customers to manage their energy consumption and pay bills on the go from any standard mobile device.

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