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Atheer’s leadership position in AR eyewear


While Microsoft’s HoloLens or Magic Leap’s yet-to-be-unveiled AR headset have been covered by the press numerous times, Atheer kind of stayed under the radar, while they silently achieved a leadership position in the field of AR eyewear.

Atheer is a California-based startup that is pioneering Augmented interactive Reality™ (AiR) by combining the power of 3D augmented reality with gesture-based interaction.
Their VP of Business Development Ryan Fink, founder of ONtheGO Platforms, joined Atheer last year and brought his gesture-based interface with him.

The smart glasses

Atheer offers the perhaps most advanced AR eyewear: the Atheer AiR. The see-through smart glasses enable its wearer to view rich information critical to workflows, to interact with the information, as well as to collaborate with remote working professionals – all without the need to hold any device. The smart glasses are powered by the Android-based AiR OS. The AiR smart glasses are making use of see-through 3D displays, which in contrast to many competing solutions allow the user to see virtual content augmented into the primary view areas (and not only in peripheral view areas as e.g. Google Glass).
The top notch hardware specs, like dual RGB cameras and the NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor, make the Atheer AiR one of the most promising smart glasses on the market.

AiR Suite

The Atheer AiR Suite for enterprise consists of three interconnected components: Air Designer, Air Hub and Air Flow.

  • Air Designer is the starting point and the tool to create intuitive task flows. The simple drag and drop interface makes it easy to arrange tasks and author procedures.
  • Air Hub is the command center for enabling remote guidance through live video, photo and text.
  • Air Flow is the customizable task flow and collaboration app developed for smart glasses. Air Flow facilitates the communication between specialists, who work out in the field and experts working remotely. Through pictures and video, Air Flow also makes it possible to share on site work progress.

AiR Suite does not only work on the AiR smart glasses but it is also fully compatible with Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses and the Recon Jet. In February Atheer signed a deal with Vuzix to expand their partnership. With the advanced gesture and voice detection capabilities the platform will provide a greater functionality to enterprise customers using the M100 and M300 smart glasses.  

Atheer at AWE

Atheer will also be attending as well as sponsoring the Augmented World Expo in June. They will also be giving several keynotes focusing on different angles of the use of smart glasses.

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