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Project Description

Case Study: Red Bull MOBILE Collect

Red Bull Mobile


Besides tailor-made solutions of telecommunications packages that include state-of-the-art handsets and tariff packages of prepaid and/or postpaid schemes, Red Bull MOBILE provides unlimited, special access to the World of Red Bull – a combination of real life experiences & digital entertainment.
In 2014 Red Bull MOBILE launched an engagement program “Red Bull MOBILE Collect” that rewards customers by living the Red Bull Lifestyle. One of the options to collect energy were codes on Red Bull can lids. And that´s where we came into play.


The only thing missing was the important feature to collect the codes as easy and fast as possible and thereby increase the number of participants – but how? A solution came into place when the roads of Red Bull MOBILE and Anyline crossed.

Together with Red Bull MOBILE we started the project and our developers wrote a code within a few days to scan the eight digit code. Red Bull MOBILE hired an agency from Poland to build the application where our SDK would be implemented. Of course there were problems to solve at the beginning. We had to make sure that our SDK works with smartphones with different qualities of cameras. One important requirement was to be able to scan anywhere possible– on the go, at home or in a bar. So another issue were the lighting conditions. Therefore, our developers included a flashlight function, which turns on automatically, if it’s too dark to scan the code correctly. The agency implemented our SDK into a state of the art application, which totally fits to the Red Bull lifestyle. About 8 months and a lot of working hours later the application was ready for trial.


Red Bull MOBILE chose Poland as the test market, because it has the perfect average quantity of customers. Jakob, COO, and Lukas, CEO, joined the Red Bull MOBILE Collect release party in Warsaw in November 2014. It was really exciting to go party for a project you have worked on and therefore get to meet sport legends like Adam Malysz.

Right now the trial is still running in Poland and has already great results. During the last year we have reached hundreds of thousands scans with a recognition rate of 98.5%.

“Using Anyline`s state of the art scanning technology was one of the most innovative features we have offered in our program. Our users loved it.”

Jerolim Filippi, Head of Product & Sales at Red Bull MOBILE

 To sum it up: through Anyline the customer simply uses the smartphone to scan voucher codes and engages with the real product while connected to the virtual brand world through the mobile application. And in almost any case, the OCR implementation is faster than users typing the codes manually and therefore not only more rewarding, but also convenient to use.


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