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The Computer Vision Meetup Hits the Road – Meet us at Humai Technologies!

The next computer vision meetup is just around the corner and it means we have more great talks for you to enjoy. However, this meetup is a little different to our usual meetups. Instead of meeting at Die Manege, Anyline’s HQ in Vienna, we will host the meetup with our friends from Humai Technologies!

Humai Technologies – What to Know!

We’re excited to bring the computer vision meetup on the road and Humai Technologies is a great place to start.

Humai Technologies works with its industry customers and partners in continuously enhancing the abilities of humans (keyword: human augmentation) via artificial engineers and assistants.

Their two main products are an artificial maintenance assistant and an artificial sales assistant. They’ve graciously offered to host us for this edition of the Computer Vision Meetup and will give a talk about the computer vision projects they’re working on.

Our Special Guest for the Evening – DAQRI

In addition to Humai Technologies, DAQRI will kick off the evening with a talk entitled “Computer Vision at DAQRI”, which will be followed by a demonstration of their projects.

DAQRI is an American AR company with offices in Vienna, Austria. They empower workforces to be more effective by providing their customers with professional grade AR.

We will be joined at the Computer Vision Meetup by Daniel Wagner, the Chief Scientist & leader of the DAQRI Austrian Research Center, Juergen Rattenburger and Bernhard Jung.

Schedule for the Evening – Computer Vision Meetup

Here’s the running order of events for the meetup!

  • 19:00 – Arrive and help yourself to a complimentary drink
  • 19:30 – “Computer Vision at DAQRI” by Daniel Wagner
  • 20:00 – DAQRI Showcase Session by Daniel Wagner, Juergen Rattenberger und Bernhard Jung
  • 20:15 – Short Break
  • 20:30 – Talk by Humai Technologies

Make sure to join us from 19:00 on September 26 for this special edition of the computer vision meetup. Humai Technologies are situated at Dresdner Strasse 91 / C2, 1200 Wien.


If you have questions, suggestions or feedback on this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via FacebookTwitter or simply via [email protected]! Cheers!


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