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Epson MOVERIO BT-300 and the Mobile World Congress


What’s happening 4 Years From Now? The startup event, which takes place simultaneously with the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona tries to answer this question by having young startups from all around the world showcase their projects. As official partners of Epson, we’re having a closer look at their newly released Epson MOVERIO BT-300.

Anyline was there and tried to get as much feedback as possible on the newly released dynamic SDK. Whilst enjoying pitching Anyline to innovation managers, executives of big corporations, possible partners and customers and interested students, we had the pleasure to also head over to the Mobile World Congress exhibition halls and get our hands on the Epson MOVERIO BT-300 pre-launch model, the newest member of the Epson smart glasses family.

Haven’t heard about it? This is the first sneak peek:

2016 is our chosen year to bring text recognition also to smart glasses, which means that the launch of the most lightweight, affordable and smallest eyewear on the market is a great benefactor to Anyline’s plans. The glasses are going on sale soon and as shown in the video will be used a lot in tourism (e.g. museums), but will also help you during sports activities and when flying a drone (obviously).

What’s different with the Epson MOVERIO BT-300?

There are definitely lots of differences between older models and other brands, but the key features we’re interested in when thinking of image pre-processing and text recognition are definitely computing power, the quality of the camera and the operating system apps can run on.

We are also delighted with the 2 perfect quantum leaps EPSON MOVERIO BT-300 in the field of Augmented Reality focused smart glasses:

  • Android 5.1
  • Intel Atom 5, 1.44 GHZ Quad core chip
  • 5m pixel camera

For full specs, please have a look at the released specs chart.

Anyline trying out the Epson MOVERIO BT-300

This absolutely puts the lightweight smart glasses even ahead of the more robust and bigger version, the MOVERIO BT-2000 smart headset, which Epson has released for industrial and enterprise use cases last year.

Anyline is already looking forward to be showing solutions on the BT-300 soon, but we’re also looking forward to the professional variation of those glasses, where usage in industrial plants are put in the foreground again. The new key features do mean that Anyline is able to recognize and import text in more difficult lighting conditions with more accuracy as images can be processed faster due to the better camera and processor, but also that deploying apps with the Anyline® SDK gets easier thanks to Android Lollipop.

That way we can only imagine what we’ll be able to see 4 Years From Now.

Our Funkiest Find

This is the Mobile World Congress Off-The-Beaten-Track news, you’ve been looking for!

Funkiest Find at the Mobile World Congress next to Epson Moverio

When you get the chance to visit the Mobile World Congress, do not forget to wander into the small startup booths. There you’ll find the most interesting mobile inventions. Our favourite: Neon-display collars for your pets!

Looking forward to meeting you there next year! You haven’t found us in Barcelona? Shoot me an email for questions now!



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