How to Quickly Explain OCR to Your Boss

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How to Quickly Explain OCR to Your Boss

So you’ve decided to integrate mobile OCR for your use case. That’s a great start. You’ll soon see improvements in your processes or increased engagement in your marketing campaign. But what if you need to convince your boss that mobile OCR really is going to make the difference? Are you ready to explain OCR?

You should get all the fact firsts. OCR is simple to explain but the real power of mobile OCR, such as Anyline, goes much further. Here’s a quick guide to help you understand and explain mobile OCR to anyone, including your boss!

What are the Basics of OCR?

What Does OCR Mean?

OCR stands for optical character recognition. The most basic explanation for what that means is:

“Technology that can read text and numbers.”

Mobile OCR does a little bit more than this but it’s a good starting point. You can use OCR to scan handwritten or printed text, and then turn it into a digital output such as a PDF or text file. More importantly, your scanned text and numbers will become machine readable. Once your text or code becomes machine readable, it can be interpreted by computers.

How Does it Work?

There are numerous ways to perform OCR. If you’re considering a mobile solution, such as Anyline, then you can probably guess that your mobile device’s camera is involved.

To put it simply, you point your device camera at your scan target and Anyline takes care of the rest. Our mobile OCR relies on a neural network to process and interpret the characters you want it to recognize.

A neural network is a form of artificial intelligence that can be trained to perform certain tasks. Anyline’s neural network is designed to correctly identify all written characters. Anyline’s neural network can scan and record text much faster than a human and is more accurate over multiple scans.

Of course, the simple version of this for your boss or other team members is:

“It uses a mobile device’s camera to read your text or code.”

What Do We Do with the Scans?

After giving a basic explanation of what OCR is and how it works, the only part of the puzzle left to explain is your scan data.

If your process already involves collecting data, this part is easy. You can collect your scan data directly after a scan is performed and replace your previous reporting process with mobile OCR. If you’re adding scanning to your processes, there are a number of benefits that scanning has over manual data entry.

  • Scanning is fast. Scanning and uploading your data can be 20 times faster than manual data reporting and entry
  • Scanning is more accurate. Mobile devices never get tired or confused when scanning so none of your readings will be misreported. They offer the same level of scanning quality on a consistent basis. Anyline’s scan quality is 99% under laboratory conditions.
  • Scanning with Anyline is secure. While not all mobile OCR solutions can offer secure scanning as a standard feature, Anyline does. None of your scan data needs to be uploaded for processing and you can even perform scans offline.

How Can it Help your Business?

Once you explain the nuts and bolts of what OCR is, you may still be required to explain how it will improve business. And depending on your industry, the reasons may vary.

If you need to scan license plates, you can explain how mobile OCR is the perfect tool for scanning from any location, day or night. If you need to scan passports, let your boss know that Anyline lets you scan offline for increased security.

You can adapt Anyline for other industries too. Here are some of the general benefits that your boss should know about.

Technical Benefits

Anyline works on the majority of Android and all iOS devices. You can use your own phone as a scanner rather than spending money on dedicated scanners and the training to use them.

You can easily style the Anyline SDK to match the look and feel of your app. This will help to create a seamless user experience within your product.

You can also use Anyline in all conditions. This is thanks to the offline scanning mode and the torch access function that are built-in to Anyline apps. You can try scanning the utility meter in your basement or cellar to see for yourself.

Business Benefits

Mobile OCR can do more than just improve your processes. You can use it to position yourself as an innovation leader within your industry. Anyline’s mobile OCR is cutting edge technology and offers a brand new experience to your users.

You can also use Anyline to gather information on user behavior. This will help you to learn about your customers and how to create a positive user experience for them.

Best of all, Anyline is reliable. We pride ourselves on providing a solution that never quits and works for as many use cases as possible. You can check out our demo apps if you want to get a taste of what to expect.

How Can You Take Advantage of Mobile OCR?

You’ll be glad to hear that Anyline provides a simple mobile OCR SDK that you can easily add to your project. You can get started for free and test the SDK in just a few hours. You can get your free SDK download here.

The SDK includes dedicated modules for some of the most common mobile OCR use cases like MRZ scanning, utility meter reading, and license plate scanning. If you have questions about adapting Anyline to your use case, just let us know. We’re happy to help!

Get in Touch!

Ready to Explain Mobile OCR?

At this stage, you should know everything you need to know to quickly explain OCR. If you want a one-line answer that covers almost everything, you can tell your boss:

“Mobile OCR is scanning technology that uses a device’s camera to read text and numbers.”

If you need more help explaining what mobile OCR or Anyline does to improve processes, write us an email at [email protected]. We’re happy to talk to your boss for you!


If you have questions, suggestions or feedback on this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via FacebookTwitter or simply via [email protected]! Cheers!


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