Global Blue Mobile B2B Solution – IC2 Mobile

Global Blue Mobile B2B Solution – IC2 Mobile

Project Description


40 countries planned Roll-out | €20.5B Sales in Store |

1s scan vs. 5min data handwriting

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Starting Point

Mobiles replacing stationary devices

Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are constantly increasing their capabilities. This has seen stores progressively adopt mobile devices as working tools, replacing costly and cumbersome stationary devices. This ongoing trend has been remarkable during the last five years in the USA, with Europe catching up fast. Nowadays, many merchants don’t even own a till. They’d rather work with mobile devices only.

Global Blue, in line with the times, thought of complying with the current trend. They wanted to develop a solution that would satisfy all customers in the best way.


An alternative to stationary scanners

Global Blue gathers shoppers’ personal information from their passport & credit card. This includes the details of the purchase and amount spent. It then provides the Tax Free Form that’s needed to claim back VAT on purchases when a visitor leaves the country.

With IC2, Global Blue launches a new generation of in-store tax free solutions. This expanded range of features includes IC2 Mobile, their new mobile application.

During development, the vision was to find the best technology that would allow mobile devices to accomplish what stationary devices do. Despite the fact that today’s tablets & smartphones have the same capabilities as PC-based systems, there were still some obstacles to overcome. How can typing errors, that are more likely to occur without a hard case keyboard, be corrected? How can the scanning of passports and credit cards be implemented with a mobile device? And what kind of technology would enable the high quality scanning of the photocopied documents carried by global shoppers?


Scan Passports & Credit Cards with OCR!

The IC2 Mobile solution features Anyline as scanning technology. Sales staff can easily capture all details from a traveller’s passport & credit card simply by using the camera included in their mobile device.

Anyline scans the documents, reads them, and is able to automatically complete the Tax Free Form using the provided data. This process avoids tedious and error-prone handwriting or typing. The entire process is complete in seconds and allows both shoppers and merchants to save precious time and nerves.

Additionally, Anyline includes an offline issuing mode. This allows scans to be done, refunds to be calculated and Tax Free Forms to be issued, even if a merchant’s internet connection is lost.

IC2 Mobile from Global Blue is an innovative way to use mobile devices for in-store tax free procedures. Anyline has been chosen because it’s the best, most reliable, and efficient solution to power the application.

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