Project Description

The Vision

Fintech companies streamline banking services by removing the need for paperwork or visits to a local bank branch. But when it comes to registering new customers, proving the identity of the new account holder can be a challenge.

Authorities need to have proof that new accounts are legally registered to the right person. Also, new customers need to be sure the online banking service is safe and secure so that both their money and their personal data are handled correctly. But these checks can be time-consuming and tedious for new customers, and many do not complete the registration process. Payme decided to find a solution that would help their customers to register in minutes while upholding the highest security standards

The Solution

By integrating Anyline scanning into their app, Payme customers can complete their registration in a fraction of the normal time. Instead of sending a PDF of their passport, or waiting to have a video call to confirm their identity, Payme simply scan their passport document with their smartphone camera to register in minutes!

For Payme, a deciding factor was Anyline’s uncheatable 2-step verification process. This combines both a reading of the MRZ (machine readable zone) on the front page of the passport, with an additional reading of encrypted data stored in the document NFC Chip. By comparing the data from both sources, Payme can be sure the passport information is valid before completing the registration.

With Anyline mobile scanning integrated into their registration process, Payme has seen an increase of 30% in overall customer satisfaction thanks to a lightning-fast sign-up process. This easy process has also seen 10% more customers registering than previous and with 4.6% less data entry errors, Payme employees are spending less time correcting errors and more time improving customer relationships.

“By combining our easy-to-use platform with the security requirements of personal banking, Payme can offer an unbeatable service, delivering faster services and better overall customer experience from the first moment.”

Lukas Kinigadner, CEO, Anyline

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