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We’re Going to the IACP in Orlando – See You There!

The International Association of Chiefs of Police conference is just around the corner and the Anyline team will be in attendance for the first time ever. The conference is one of the biggest of its kind in the USA and attracts police chiefs from all around the world.

Andreas Greilhuber, Anyline COO, and Michael Organ, Anyline Content Manager, will be at the event on Oct 6 & 7 to answer any questions you may have about mobile scanning in police processes!

Anyline – The Mobile Policing Tool

We’re attending the event to meet police chiefs and officers that are interested in making police work more efficient with new technologies. Anyline provides a number of solutions that help officers to gather data in an instant and improve the quality of the data collected.

In laboratory setting, the scan accuracy of Anyline was over 99%. This is a huge improvement on the data collection accuracy of people. People regularly make mistakes during data collection and entry due to factors like distraction, exhaustion and stress. Anyline doesn’t have these issues so it can record license plates or ID details with a much higher accuracy than your average police officer.

With mobile scanning in place, officers have more time to focus on duties in the field and community policing. The biggest advantages are a reduction in desk time, radio communication time and improved data quality.

Here’s a quick overview of the mobile scanning solutions now available to police!

Mobile License Plate and VIN Scanning

Vehicle details are often required in police case work. One of the easiest ways to collect vehicle details such as license plate numbers and VIN numbers is with Anyline. Once it’s integrated in your police app, your officers will just have to point their device camera at the license plate or VIN number they want to record.

Anyline will scan the target information in a secure manner and let you upload it to a server or backend where it can be safely stored. This helps to reduce time spent processing case work information.

In addition, you can connect Anyline’s mobile scanning technology with your police database to get live information during traffic stops or routine checks.

Mobile VIN and license plate scanning can also be called on for fleet management purposes. Officers can scan a car to verify that it’s in use or that it’s in need of service.

Mobile ID, Passport MRZ and Driving License Scanning

ID verification is becoming more and more important as governments put more pressure on police forces to monitor national security and the movement of dangerous individuals. One of the simplest ways to check IDs such as passports or national identity cards is to use mobile scanning.

Anyline can scan ID and passport MRZs in an instant and display all of the relevant ID info in a readable fashion. It even takes a photo for control purposes so any disputes can be easily checked at a later point.

Anyline also scans driving licenses. Driving license scanning in combination with license plate scanning are the perfect solutions for any traffic police that want to improve data collection with mobile devices.

Mobile Serial Number Scanning

Serial number scanning is a powerful tool that can be used to make equipment and firearm management easier to perform. Anyline’s serial number scanner can read serial numbers of all types. This makes it perfect for managing firearms and equipment in an agile setting.

Scanning works in all locations and light conditions so you can rely on it when you need it most. Anyline is a bulletproof solution when it comes to accuracy and dependability, making it perfect for high-priority tasks such as firearm and equipment management.

Learn More About Mobile Policing – White Paper & Success Story

You can find out more about mobile policing and how solutions like Anyline are making it easier than ever before to complete basic police work such as information gathering. Just download the free white paper “The Digital Transformation of Policing Through Mobile Technology” to find out more.

You can also check out our blog for the latest mobile policing news and examples of successful mobile policing implementations. Find out how the Austrian police have adopted mobile scanning to save time in their daily police activities.

Meet Us @ IACP

We will be at the event on Oct 6 – 7 and look forward to meeting you there. If you’d like to get a live demonstration of Anyline’s mobile scanning solutions, we’re happy to arrange a meeting time with you there.

Just get in touch and we’ll schedule a meeting time and location for you!

Meet Us @ IACP 2018!


If you have questions, suggestions or feedback on this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via FacebookTwitter or simply via [email protected]! Cheers!


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