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Anyline CTO Daniel Albertini Speaks at IBM Think 2019

IBM Think will take place this February in San Francisco and features a talk from Anyline CTO Daniel Albertini. He will join IBM’s Sasha Lazarevic to speak about IBM Watson Studio and the deep learning demo they created. Join them on Thursday, February 14 at 4.30pm to find out how deep learning and IBM Watson Studio can work together!

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Deep Learning and IBM Watson Studio

Deep learning enables amazing AI achievements (speech and visual recognition, machine translations, etc.). It is based on hierarchical representations and neural networks. But it requires deep technical know-how and a robust platform. IBM offers a flexible, scalable platform for rapid development, training and deployment of deep learning models. This makes data science teams work better and innovate faster.

Daniel and Sasha will explore deep learning and show how to easily deploy these models in IBM Watson Studio. The talk will feature Anyline and how to boost neural network training performance by a factor of three or more. Anyline is an AI company that uses leading-edge algorithms to train optimized models for offline OCR on mobile and embedded devices.

Daniel Albertini – Computer Vision Expert

Daniel Albertini is an Anyline founder and has been CTO since the company’s inception. He is the host and organizer of the Vienna Computer Meetup and has lead the development of Anyline’s Gartner recognized mobile scanning technology for over 5 years. This will be his first talk at IBM Think. It follows his successful presentation at TestBusters-Night Vienna where he introduced his concepts on image-based test automation.

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Meet Daniel and Anyline COO Andreas Greilhuber to find out more about mobile text recognition during IBM Think. Whether you need to digitize your smart factory processes or you want to give your customers an improved experience, they’re happy to meet up.

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