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Major Release Coming Soon – Join the Preview Webinar

We’re preparing to unveil a major release in the coming weeks. And you can get a first look at the new and improved Anyline before anyone else. Just join our webinar on Thursday to get an introduction to our new solutions.

Anyline CTO, Daniel Albertini, will host the webinar and also answer any questions about the new release. Here’s a quick preview of what you can expect and how you can register to join us for a look at the new way to scan with Anyline!

What You Can Expect

This new release brings a wide selection of changes to the Anyline SDK.

  • With this new release, we’ll unlock the potential behind the technology within Anyline’s SDK. There will be more customizable options for developers and customers. This will result in a future-proof solution that’s ready for embedded systems as well as mobile devices.
  • Updating to the new release will bring you new features for many of our current solutions, such as the MRZ Scanner, Document Scanner and Meter Scanner. The technical features we provide will allow for more customizability which brings our customers closer to their users.
  • Updating to the new release will be supported with clear “how-to” guides in our documentation, webinars for decision-makers and developers and a regular flow of communication to ensure that all possible questions are covered.
  • The main features coming after this major release will provide developers the possibility to use custom UIs, create workflows within the same camera view and use several scanning modules simultaneously.

How to Join the Webinar

The webinar is free to join but places are limited so sign up early to avoid disappointment. The webinar will take place at 15:00 CET on October 4th. Follow the link below to register and save your spot!

Join the Webinar


If you have questions, suggestions or feedback on this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via FacebookTwitter or simply via [email protected]! Cheers!


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